The World of Cops and Monsters

Here’s a quick cheat-sheet for everything you need to know about the world of Cops and Monsters.

At present order is maintained by dividing Glasgow into 6 ‘zones’. Each zone is protected with an advanced force field that is triggered by movement on the perimeter. Access can only be cleared with approved ID cards:


0: Undomesticated zombies (category As and Bs) live free-range in this area.

1: Human areas such as the West End, Kelvinside, Maryhill which are closed to all supernatural creatures.

2: In zone-2 areas, all types of creature are allowed to mix together — as long as they have ID certifying them to be non-dangerous. These are the centre of town, the river.

3: Werewolf ghetto.

4: Vampire ghetto.

5: The Restricted Zone. Nobody knows what’s in there.

All citizens have ID cards which give them permission to access the appropriate zones. Supernaturals are assigned code numbers that begin with ‘A’ for extremely dangerous creatures ‘B’ for mildly dangerous creatures, and ‘C’ for non-dangerous creatures. Humans take the prefix ‘H’.

The Supernatural Creatures



Following in the same vein as the vampires we read about in Anne Rice novels, and what we saw in “Buffy” and “Angel”, our vampires can be charming, seductive, full of wisdom due to their long lives, and damn right ferocious killing machines.

Pure-bred vampires have been around for hundreds of years, and as genetically natural creatures, they have the ability to breed and produce children.

Their appearance is almost human, with their pale skins and eyes giving them away. They have become adept at hiding their fangs, but they can’t always get away with being undiscovered.

Their homes are extravagant, they love the finer things in life and would only kill out of necessity. They believe in order and maintaining a civilised life. Money’s no object to them.

While they don’t always agree with their werewolf kin, they strive to co-exist with them for the sake of their own survival.

Vampires who are turned, although immortal, will age at a much slower rate than humans. They lack the valiant, respectful code of their elders, preferring to act like petulant teenagers – rebelling, causing trouble and feeding whenever they feel like it. Often tricking vulnerable humans into their zones so they can feed legally. These types of vampires cause the most problems for the PITS team.

It should be noted that vampires CANNOT bite zombies or werewolves and turn them into vampires. The body cannot take the transformation and will die within moments.

Vampires can walk in daylight, just not direct sunlight or they will combust. They are provided with synthetic blood packs from the government to subdue their blood lust and hunger. Some humans offer themselves as a food source and there are feeding parties that are held underground. It’s not illegal, but heavily frowned upon by the PITS units.

A traditional stake through the heart and holy water will kill a vampire. A holy cross can be used a defense, but only if the wearer is pure of heart and of religious faith.

Once bitten you have 24 hours to administer the experimental cure, “X118”, which should cancel out the effects of the transformation. However if you have fed on human blood by this time the cure will be ineffective.



Due to hundreds of years of evolution, werewolves are now unable to fully transform into wolf form by the time we’ve caught up with them. Only extremely old, rare werewolves can perform a full transformation – but by doing this they risk their own lives as the transformation back into human form could kill them.

Unlike their vampire cousins, werewolves are a proud, humble race of people, loyal to their packs and families. They believe in hard work and earning their way in the world. The majority of them are peaceful and will attack only to defend.

Their appearance can be sometimes rugged with the males, with long-ish nails instead of claws. The females aren’t as hairy, however their hair tends to grow longer, their fangs more protruding when angry or full of emotion.

Only when they are angry or upset will their eyes glow a bright yellow colour, revealing their true form.

No werewolf is immortal. They have a slightly slower ageing process than humans, but they usually have a life-span of 120-150 years. Natural werewolves can breed and will gift their children with the werewolf genes.

A scratch or a bite from a werewolf will spread the werewolf gene into the human body, causing transformations to take place. There is a 50% chance that a human that is turned into a werewolf, will pass the genes on to any children they have.

Every full moon will see the werewolves transform, however the community has this under control and will be locked away safely in their zones, provided with the live cattle as agreed with the government, to use as a food source during the transformations. However there are small groups who prefer to hunt in a pack, chasing a not-so-willing victim through the werewolves zone. This is frowned upon and considered illegal, however it has been disputed with the government time and time again.


Waiting to be Devoured at the 'Cops and Monsters' Filming in Glasgow - 19 January 2014

Nobody knows where the zombies came from. Rumours range from them being spawned by exposure to radioactive chemicals to military science experiments gone wrong. There’s also a rumour of a mass zombie hive brain hidden in zone zero, keeping the zombies alive.

All we really know is that when the vampires and werewolves came into the public consciousness, so did the zombies. They sort of just followed them. The government put them to good use, domesticating them and allowing them to do menial tasks – checkout workers, bag packers, dog walkers, garden maintenance (which always seems to keep them calm) and anything else that doesn’t require much active brain power. Domesticated zombies are handled by specialist zombie wranglers and kept in cages overnight. Wild zombies are designated to zone 0 and fed live cattle.

It wasn’t long until zombie activist groups started to pop up – demanding equal rights and pay for their zombie brothers and sisters. The PITS team find themselves subject to protests whenever they are called to investigate zombie cases.

Some people believe that the real person is still somewhere inside the decaying body and brain of the zombie, but there has been no scientific research to prove this.

The zombies are often quite slow, and only really dangerous in packs. A bite from one will trigger the transformation process and within 72 hours you will became a fully fledged zombie.

A specialised bullet to the head will kill a zombie indefinitely.

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