With “Cops and Monsters” being an independently funded webseries, we have overheads to pay such as cast, crew, makeup, costumes and props. We also spend money on appearing at conventions, publishing DVDs, blu-rays, scripts, fliers, posters etc. As such we have decided to offer sponsorship for businesses in order to help us cover some of these costs and maybe produce more episodes than we’d planned.

Our webseries is growing in popularity with our YouTube channel now launched, award nominations and award wins coming in and our social media presence expanding.

Series 1 has now officially moved to Amazon Prime UK and US where all 8 episodes are available to watch. We are hoping to raise funds via sponsorship throughout 2018, commissioning professional writers to pen 6 brand new episodes to make up series 2 before producing the episodes later in 2018. These episodes will then likely move to Amazon Prime UK and US once they have all been edited.

We are offering the following sponsorship for businesses around the world. If you’d like to discuss it further or to discuss other options, please drop us an email at the link below:

Business Sponsorship

£100 – We’ll credit your company on the end credits of one of our 6 new episodes
£200 – We’ll credit your company on the end credits of one of our new episodes and link to your website on this page
£300 – As above and list you under our “Special Thanks” on our IMDb page.
£400 – As above, with “Special Thanks” credit on our IMDb page and feature your product or brand in one of our episodes.

If you’re interested in sponsoring our webseries drop us an e-mail by clicking this link to discuss it further and what we can offer you in return for your sponsorship. We are accepting sponsorship now as we need to raise £30,000 in order to shoot our 6 episodes in 2018.