Series 2 Info

All information for series 2 shall be updated on this page. If you have any questions please email us at

What’s The Plan?

As of December 2017 we are interviewing our short-listed writers (10 out of over 300 scripts received) for series 2. By January we hope to announce the 6 writers who will be penning series 2 in 2018.

At the moment we are aiming to produce 6 x 20 minute episodes which will be streamed directly on Amazon Prime UK and US, alongside our first series. Since October 31st til December the 7th we have received over 13,000 views on Amazon Prime for series 1.

While the first series was shot for around £15,000, we are aiming to raise funds of around £30,000 in order to allow more shooting days, better equipment, locations and to improve the final product over all.

On February 1st we will be launching a Series 2 Pre-Production Fund on Kickstarter to raise £1,500. This will allow us to commission our 6 writers to pen the scripts. Fraser Coull and James T Harding are currently working on the overall story for series 2.

We are currently seeking sponsorship from business around the world to sponsor our show in return for credits on IMDb and on the end titles of our new 6 episodes, which will be streamed on Amazon Prime UK and US. If you are interested in being a part of the Cops and Monsters universe please click this link.

What’s The Story Going To Be?

Series 2 is officially called “Cops and Monsters: Uprising”. At this stage we are unable to divulge this information, but we can tell you that there will be cops and indeed monsters. We’re sticking with the traditional 3 – vampires, werewolves and zombies.

Who is Writing Series 2?

We are currently interviewing upcoming writers and in discussions with established, genre writers to contribute to the show. So far James T Harding, Laura A Anderson and Fraser Coull are confirmed to be penning 3 of the scripts.

Who Will Be In Series 2?

The cast will consist of some characters returning for series 2, with brand new recurring and guest characters throughout.

Can I Be In It?

When and if we are casting for the show, we will post these on the Opportunities page.

Can I Be Part of the Crew?

If we are in need of any crew, we will post these opportunities on the relevant page.

I’d Like To Give You Money To Make Series 2! 

Amazing, please visit this page to help us.