Casting Announcement – Caitlin Blackwood

Caitlin Blackwood - Young Alexis copy

“Doctor Who” actress Caitlin Blackwood, who is best known as playing Little Amelia Pond in series 5 and 6 along side Matt Smith, is confirmed to be guest-starring in Cops and Monsters.

We’ll also be attending Sci-fi Wales along with Caitlin on the 5th of September so be sure to come along to say hello to us all.

More casting news will be announced as pre-production starts up again at the end of January!

Casting Announcement – Sarah Louise Madison

Sarah Louise Madison

We’re pleased to announce that Sarah Louise Madison will be returning to our first full series next year. Sarah previously played mischievous vampire Julia (aka Vampire C56) in our pilot episode earlier this year.

Sarah can be seen in Doctor Who playing the Weeping Angels in series 5 to 7, as well as a Time Zombie in series 7.

We can’t wait to work with Sarah again and find out what Julia has been up to since we last saw her breaking the rules…

P.I.T.S – Serving the Supernatural Community

P.I.T.S – Serving the Supernatural Community

Cops and Monsters” is an upcoming web series following the cases of the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland as they survive in a world where vampires, zombies and werewolves are a part of every day society.

A 10-minute minisode is available to watch by clicking here and all of our news will be posted on this site, on facebook and on twitter.

Our show features Kirsty Strain (Burnistoun, River City), Sarah Louise Madison (Doctor Who), Caitlin Gillespie (Waterloo Road), Billy Kirkwood, Colin McCredie (Taggart), Alan Mackenzie, Mark Harvey and Catriona Joss, with more cast being lined up to appear in our series next year.

Des O’Gorman Audition


Des Gorman

With the first series gearing up to enter pre-production early next year we will be able to announce who will be starring in the next three episodes.

First up is Des O’Gorman¬†who is a professional comedian and actor. Des will be taking the role of Alan Smith, the Deputy PM who as has been assigned to ensure the PITS team are playing by the rules.

We’ll be announcing more cast into the new New Year but in the meantime enjoy a special look at Des’ audition.

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