Cops and Monsters VS Em-Con 2014

Em-Con 2014 Part 1 hosted by FromPage2Screen

Em-Con 2014 Part 2 hosted by FromPage2Screen

Our next convention appearance will be at Sci-Fi Wales in Llandudno in North Wales on September 5th, followed by Bolton Comic Con on November 15th. We hope to announce a few more panel appearances for 2015!

The Latest News!

Caitlin Blackwood and Billy Kirkwood Filming a promotional 'Cops and Monsters' video - 24 May 2015
With episode 1 reaching over 4000 views on YouTube we are pleased to announce that episode 2, “Preparing the Weapon”, which is set 5 years before our pilot, will be released on July 1st at 6pm. We have an exclusive preview for you to watch right here!

A new additional episode, “The New Recruit”, will be filmed on the 18th and 19th of July in Glasgow, with auditions for the roles of MAYA HEDGES and MARTIN CARMICHAEL being held on the 5th of July.

We are currently planning on shooting the remaining episodes of series 1, “In Crimson”, “Replaced”, “End of Innocence” and “Human”, in August.

The team will be at Sci-Fi Wales in Llandudno on the 5th of September and Bolton Comic-Con on November 15th so please come along and say hello to us!

Be sure to come back on July 1st to watch our brand new episode at 6pm!

Episode 2 Promo!

On Sunday 24th May we filmed a special 2nd episode starring Doctor Who star Caitlin Blackwood (Amelia Pond) and Billy Kirkwood. Set 5 years before our pilot episode, “Preparing the Weapon” introduces us to Alexis, a young and potentially dangerous werewolf who has been kidnapped by The Cult of Many Faces. Will she be able to break free, or will he break her will?

Enjoy our little teaser and check back to watch the full episode once it’s released online!

Crowdfunding Campaign Ends – What Happens Next!

Filming a promotional 'Cops and Monsters' video in Glasgow - 24 May 2015
Filming a promotional ‘Cops and Monsters’ video in Glasgow – 24 May 2015

Thank you to everybody who donated to our crowdfunding campaign to help us shoot series 1. We’ve raised enough funds to shoot at least one episode and we are going to work hard to shoot as many episodes as possible.

Episode 2, “Preparing the Weapon”, starring Billy Kirkwood and Doctor Who star Caitlin Blackwood, will be online in the next couple of weeks and we will be posting a teaser to whet your appetite!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for all of our news and updates!

Crowdfunding For Series 1!

'Cops and Monsters' in Govanhill - 11 March 2015

As of 6pm this evening we will have launched our crowdfunding campaign to continue the story of “Cops and Monsters”.

We will have 61 days to raise £8000 to produce 4 new episodes (written by Ian Smith, Amanda Kane and Fraser Coull).

Perks in return for donations ranging between £1 and £1000 are available.

The Cult of Many Faces will be launching his own special little game next week on Twitter and Facebook so be sure to check it out.

Please visit our crowdfunding page and have a look at our perks!

The Cult Records a Crowdfunding Video

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.38.24

Last week we were on location at the Govanhill Baths with Billy Kirkwood to record our new crowdfunding video.

Our new campaign, which will see us aim to raise £8000 to shoot 4 brand new episodes of Cops and Monsters, will kick off on the 31st of March with a wide range of perks ranging from £5 to £1000 in return for your support. The campaign will last 60 days and the money raised will be added on to what we achieved from our previous crowdfunding efforts.

In addition to our new crowdfunding video, The Cult will also be playing a little game with you all, setting challenges for you to take part in. He’s assured us that his first challenge will go out when our campaign is launched, but can we really trust him?

Casting Announcement – Rachel Teate


We are happy to announce that Wolfblood actress Rachel Teate will be playing the role of Grace Mackenzie in our upcoming series!

Rachel has starred as Kara in hit children’s supernatural series Wolfblood and has appeared in the Dumping Ground. Check out her IMDb page here.

As we gear up to shoot our 4 part series this Summer we will be announcing more of our cast and news on two special mini-scenes that we will be screening at MCM London, Sci-Fi Wales and MCM Scotland to help boost our crowdfunding campaign!

Casting Announcement – Caitlin Blackwood

Caitlin Blackwood - Young Alexis copy

“Doctor Who” actress Caitlin Blackwood, who is best known as playing Little Amelia Pond in series 5 and 6 along side Matt Smith, is confirmed to be guest-starring in Cops and Monsters.

We’ll also be attending Sci-fi Wales along with Caitlin on the 5th of September so be sure to come along to say hello to us all.

More casting news will be announced as pre-production starts up again at the end of January!

Casting Announcement – Sarah Louise Madison

Sarah Louise Madison

We’re pleased to announce that Sarah Louise Madison will be returning to our first full series next year. Sarah previously played mischievous vampire Julia (aka Vampire C56) in our pilot episode earlier this year.

Sarah can be seen in Doctor Who playing the Weeping Angels in series 5 to 7, as well as a Time Zombie in series 7.

We can’t wait to work with Sarah again and find out what Julia has been up to since we last saw her breaking the rules…

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