Press & Appearances

Here we will be listing our scheduled appearances at conventions (as well as past events) around the UK where you can meet our cast and crew and take part in our Q & A panels.


MCM Scotland (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018)

SciFi Wales (2015)

MCM London (2014 & 2018)

Em-Con (2014)



Vault Film Festival (12th February 2017)


Off The Record Review of “Remembrance” (21st April 2020)

Evening Times Article (21st July 2018)

Flickering Myth Interview with Laura A Anderson, Roland Moore and James T Harding (8th November 2017)

Flickering Myth Interview with Kenny Boyle and Simon Weir (7th November 2017)

Flickering Myth Interview with Fraser Coull (27th October 2017)

Sci Fi Series set in Glasgow Bought by Amazon Prime (26th October 2017)

Cops and Monsters Duke It Out On Amazon Prime (26th October 2017)

Geek Retreat Series 1 Review (18th August 2017)

Glasgow Live – Set Tour (10th June 2017)

Glasgow Live (16th April 2017)

Glasgow Live (17th January 2017)

SciFiNow Magazine (26th February 2016)

Starburst Magazine Interview (9th November 2015)

Daily Record (1st May 2014)

Scifi Mafia

The Evening Times (17th May 2014)

The Riverside Show – STV Glasgow (18th June 2014)

Web Series of the Month

Movie Scramble (21st July 2014)

MCM Buzz (7th May 2015)

Scifi News (5th April 2014)

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