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Cops and Monsters – Now Available on Amazon Prime – Amazon Instant

Series 1 of Cops and Monsters now on Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant!

Episode 1 is still available to watch on YouTube and on this website, however episodes 2-9 are now available exclusively on Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant.

Click here to head over to our page on Amazon Prime to watch series 1! 

Thank you to everybody who has supported Cops and Monsters so far, we are truly grateful to our fans and we hope that our move to Amazon will help bring in a bigger fanbase that will help us produce series 2 in 2018.

Geek Retreat’s Series 1 Review

With series 1 about to come to a close with the release of our finale, “Inhuman Nature” on the 2nd of September, we’re sending out screener DVDs for reviews.

The team over at Geek Retreat have kindly reviewed the first series and you can read what they had to say by clicking here.

We hope that we get more reviews as time goes on!

Cops and Monsters on Glasgow Live – The Latest on Cops and Monsters


Thank you to Gillian Loney at Glasgow Live for interviewing our showrunner Fraser Coull and helping us spread the word of our show! You can read the article by clicking here!

You can watch all of our available episodes, behind the scenes, cast interviews and more on our official YouTube channel and by clicking below.

Episode 6, “Fight the Bite”, by Laura Anderson, is currently being edited and we will let you know when the episode is going to be released!

We are in pre-production of our final Volume 1 episodes, which we hope to crowdfund early this year to shoot in the first half of 2017.


First up will be “Trapped”, a minisode that takes place immediately after “Fight the Bite”, and will see the return of Scottish actress Katrina Bryan as the kind, caring werewolf Jenny Connor.

And finally there will be episode 7, “Inhuman Nature” (title to be confirmed) where everything we’ve built up from our first episode will come to a head as Maya Hedges reaches Martin Carmichael and faces off against The Cult of Many Faces and powerful werewolf assassin Alexis.

Following this we hope to storyline a 2nd volume, bringing some new writers on board before we start the process of funding each new episode and filming them. We have no timescale for this but as we have news we’ll release it here.


We’ll be at Coventry Comic Con on October the 1st with some cast and crew. If we’re lucky Sophie Aldred, who plays Lady Audrey MacDairmid in our most recent episode, will be joining us on our panel.

And that’s our news so for January!

Webfest Berlin


We’ve just submitted “The New Recruit” to be considered for selection for this year’s Webfest Berlin! Regardless of being selected or not, we will be entered into their digital catalogue for distributors and sales agents to see, which allows us to continue our exposure for the show.

Once we find out if we’ve been selected we’ll post the update! In the meantime, familiarise yourself with our official first episode below!