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Cops and monsters review

Off The Record have kindly sent us a review for “Remembrance” the opening episode of series 2 of Cops and Monsters.

You can read the review by clicking this link.

Here’s a small extract below:

I liked the opening to the episode, having her get ready adds a bit of normalcy and almost vulnerability to a show that is distinctly supernatural. I also really enjoyed the new intro sequence, it was splashier and cooler, and shows in broad strokes the various elements of the show. You can also see a distinct improvement in the overall quality of production, which is saying something because I was impressed with the quality of the first season, especially considering they are working on a tighter budget than a non-indie production. I liked the distinctly Scottish feel of it, the actors were honest and real, they weren’t trying to downplay their Scottishness and that’s a big plus for me

Philip lawrence returns to cops and monsters

Philip Lawrence, who is part of our series 2 writing team, has returned to pen an episode of our Cops and Monsters audio series.

Philip is currently writing episodes of BBC’s EastEnders and Casualty but his first actual screenwriting commission was for series 2 of Cops And Monsters. He’s always been a massive genre fan with Doctor Who, Star Trek, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The X-Files among his favourites. He’s even penned a few Doctor Who adventures for Big Finish. But he’s thrilled to have another bite at Cops And Monsters.

I always felt like a bit of an outsider and a freak – I think most of us do – and Cops And Monsters really taps into that with its fragmented society of supernatural sects. It’s such a rich universe, full of complex characters and made with such an obvious love of the genre from Doctor Who to Wolfblood. I was overjoyed to be picked to write for series 2 and I’m so excited to be back again.

Philip’s episode is titled “Adrift” and will feature a couple of returning faces to the Cops and Monsters universe. More details to follow.

The Lift-Off Sessions Selection

Cops and Monsters has been selected for the Lift-Off Sessions at Pinewood Studios this year. We submitted our latest episode, “Remembrance”, written by Debbie Moon and starring Ellen Patterson, Billy Kirkwood, Innes Anderson and Chris Bain. They were joined by new series regulars Stephen Purdon and Helen Cuinn, as well as guest stars Barbara Rafferty and Bill McBain.

The entries will be made available online for members of the public to vote for, followed by a round with the judges. Once the links are available we’ll be sharing them here, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Below are ALL our free available episodes, with all of series 1 available to watch on Amazon Prime UK, US and Amazon Instant Video and Social Screen.

If you like our show and want to support us in making our next 5 planned 20 minute episodes click here for more information.

Series 1: Episode 1 – “The New Recruit”

Series 1: Christmas Special – “Astrid’s Secret”

Series 1: Minisode – “Trapped”

Series 2: Episode 1 – “Remembrance”

San Diego and Patreon

One day we hope to be able to attend the San Diego Comic Con in some capacity in order to promote the show to the hundreds of thousands of people who attend yearly, but alas, it will not be this year.

Instead we’ll be on location filming Debbie Moon’s opening episode of series 2, “Remembrance”, and some scenes from the other 5 scripts.

We do however intend to publish some new promotional stills, behind the scenes interviews… and perhaps a clip or two!

The majority of these will appear on this website, our Twitter and Facebook page.

Some of the material will be saved and shared on our new Patreon page. Patreon is a sort of crowdfunding site, where fans of your product, in our case, our webseries, can become a patron and donate a chosen amount of money each month. These funds go towards a goal – again in our case we’ve set it for $5,000 per episode – which will allow us to hopefully fund the remaining episodes of series 2. And maybe beyond…

To find out more about Patreon and how you can join us there, click this link.

Cops and Monsters: Sci-Fi Bulletin Article

A new article about our season 2 opening episode, written by Wolfblood creator and BAFTA winning writer Debbie Moon.

You can read the article by clicking this link.

The writers continue to work on their scene by scene’s for their respective episodes and soon we’ll be sending notes back for them to proceed on the first draft of their scripts. Currently we plan to have all 6 scripts finished by the start of June.

At the moment we hope to reach our Kickstarter goal of £5000 over at this link so that we can shoot and release our first episode. We then hope to raise the rest of the production budget using our new episode and seeking business sponsorship. Alternatively, and as a last resort, we will try to raise the funds for each episode via crowdfunding – however this will severely slow down our production schedule so we hope we can raise the £30,000 sooner rather than later.

We are also in talks with various Comic Cons around the UK and we hope to be able to appear at some of them in order to give a panel, screen some of our episodes and raise awareness for our little show.

And finally we’ve got some pre-production artwork and sneak peeks at series 2 for you to see.

SPIDERS Logo – designed by Stuart Manning

SPIDERS OPERATIVE BADGE – designed by Scott Harwood


Cops and Monsters – Now Available on Amazon Prime – Amazon Instant

Series 1 of Cops and Monsters now on Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant!

Episode 1 is still available to watch on YouTube and on this website, however episodes 2-9 are now available exclusively on Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant.

Click here to head over to our page on Amazon Prime to watch series 1! 

Thank you to everybody who has supported Cops and Monsters so far, we are truly grateful to our fans and we hope that our move to Amazon will help bring in a bigger fanbase that will help us produce series 2 in 2018.