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Cops and Monsters in The National


Thanks to journalist Paula McGuire we ended up featured in The National tomorrow. Don’t fear if you can’t get a copy, you can read it here now!

Our Kickstarter campaign for our new episode, “Revolution in a Teacup”, has 32 days left to raise funding in order to make our new episode, and you can check that out here.

More news as it comes!

The Making of “In Crimson”

Cops and Monsters Twitter Banner

The making of “In Crimson” is now available to watch in the video above! This 20 minute video takes you behind the scenes of the cast and crew shooting and discussing the episode.

36 days remain on our Kickstarter for our next episode “Revolution in a Teacup”, which we hope to film over 2 days in July. To help us click this link, grab a perk and share the campaign!

More news as we get it!

Revolution in a Teacup – Kickstarter Now Live!

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Help Fund Our Next Episode!

From today until the 30th of June we are running a Kickstarter campaign to raise at least £2000 so we can shoot our next episode, “Revolution in a Teacup”.

Written by James T Harding, the episode picks up straight after “In Crimson” where we find Maya Hedges racing to rescue her colleague from the villainous Cult of Many Faces. Dangerous werewolf Alexis (aka Lycan A202) continues her murderous rampage, only to find herself stopped by Zoe, a troubled vampire who is ashamed of her lineage, who has a mysterious connection to the werewolf. Meanwhile PITS Commander Norris Fletcher finds himself drowning in a PR nightmare with Maya going rogue!

Our guest stars for our new episode includes Sophie Aldred (Doctor Wh0), Mhairi Calvey (Braveheart), Simon Weir (The Acid House) and Rachel Teate (Wolfblood). We hope to announce who will be playing werewolf supremacist David Brannigan very soon…

In return for your pledges we are offering signed scripts, personalised PITS badges, signed posters, DVDs, walk-on roles, signed photos and much, much more!

Without your support we won’t be able to continue our series so please head over to our Kickstarter Campaign to see what we have to offer.

We look forward to welcoming you to our show and we cannot wait to make our next episode happen!

Episode 4 – “Revolution in a Teacup” – Is In Pre-Production!


Episode 4, “Revolution in a Teacup”, by James T Harding, is now in pre-production.

Following on from episode 3 (due for release in May!), Maya Hedges (Ellen Patterson) is on a rampage. The Cult of Many Faces (Billy Kirkwood) has stepped up his game of terror, striking at the heart of the PITS team, forcing Chief Inspector Norris (Simon Weir) to take action and bring in new recruit Grace Mackenzie, to assist the team. Meanwhile, Lady Sheena McDairmid (Sophie Aldred) is concerned that Alexis (Innes Anderson) is out of control and steps in to deal with the matter. Alexis however is caught struggling with her humanity when her twin sister, Zoe (Mhairi Calvey), emerges in an attempt to free her family from The Cult of Many Faces forever. The clock is ticking, and not everybody is going to make it out alive…

It is a fast paced, nerve wracking episode that will raise the stakes for everybody in the Cops and Monsters universe!

We’ll be shooting the episode over two days (probably in July!) in and around Glasgow, Scotland. We hope that all of our crew will be returning with our cast and we will be crowdfunding throughout May to ensure that we can afford to pay the team, costumes, props, special effects makeup, locations, equipment, visual effects, sound design, music composition and more! With your help we can make it happen.

More news to follow!

Episode 4 is funded!

Billy and Colin Enjoying'Fun Time' at the 'Cops and Monsters' Filming in Glasgow - 19 January 2014

As of 8.12am this morning episode 4 is officially funded!

Thank you to everybody who pledged to our campaign, shared the link and generally supported our show.

Cops and Monsters is a completely independent series with no official funding from governing bodies, so we rely solely on support from the generosity of the people who are willing to donate and pledge their money to us.

Episode 4 will be shot on the 19th and 26th of March in Glasgow before being handed over to our editor Anne Nicholson who will then edit the footage together, colour it, grade it and send it off to Neil Rowe who will create the visual effects and Robert Newth will create the sound effects and score the episode.

We hope to release episode 4 by the end of April. We hope to squeeze some money from our latest campaign to shoot episode 5, however the script has not been finished so we won’t know what we need until a little later. Realistically we may need to run a post-production crowdfunding campaign to finish it, but we’ll worry about that later.

Our producer Claire Mcguire will now work on the schedule for episode 4, sorting out props, costumes, makeup, filming locations etc. We’ll post update photos/videos, and any comic con appearances we manage to arrange.

Thank you!

The New Trailer

'Cops and Monsters' in Govanhill - 11 March 2015

With 9 days left on our crowdfunding campaign, we’ve hit our target and thankfully we can now make episode 4 of our show. We’ve set a couple of stretch goals to allow us to shoot episode 5, and one or two spin-off minisodes by Roland Moore and Hannah George.

If you’d like to support our show and help us make more episodes then please click this link to view our crowdfunding page and check out our perks.

Anne Nicholson, our episodes editor, has put together two trailers to help us promote the show at conventions around the UK and beyond. We’re pleased to share with you the first of those trailers:

Episode 4 Crowdfunding Complete!

Billy and Colin Enjoying'Fun Time' at the 'Cops and Monsters' Filming in Glasgow - 19 January 2014

With 13 days to go, we’ve hit our crowdfunding target to shoot episode 4 of our series!

If you’d like to support us you have until the 28th of February to grab a perk and be a part of the show. The more money we raise, the more episodes we can potentially produce.

Episode 4 is in pre-production, with auditions for the role of Alexis taking part on the 20th of February, before filming on the 19th and 26th of March.

We’ll be appearing at the Capital Sci-Fi Con on the 27th and 28th of February, with a panel at 12pm on Saturday. So come along and meet some of our cast and crew!

Once episode 4 is complete, we will be focussing on the rest of “Volume 1”, comprising of episodes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. We also have two stand-alone episodes written by award winning writer Roland Moore and “Wolfblood” writer Hannah George.

Sophie Aldred

“Doctor Who” companion Sophie Aldred joins the cast of episode 4, playing Tina Hedges, the aunt of new PITS member Maya, played by Ellen Patterson. Sophie joins returning cast members Ellen, Kenny Boyle, Chris Bain and Billy Kirkwood.

In episode 4 we meet a grown-up Alexis, a powerful werewolf last scene in “Preparing the Weapon“, cutting loose and having some fun, when something takes over her and her dangerous werewolf abilities rise to the surface. When Maya and Martin arrive on the scene to investigate, emotions boil over between the pair, forcing Maya to storm off, leaving Martin to continue the investigation. When Maya meets her Aunt for a coffee to cool down, her entire world is flipped on it’s head.

Episode 4 Crowdfunding Now Live!

Billy and Colin Enjoying'Fun Time' at the 'Cops and Monsters' Filming in Glasgow - 19 January 2014

We have officially launched our crowdfunding campaign to shoot episode 4 today!

Over the next 30 days we will be campaigning on social media and beyond to raise the £830 required to produce our next episode. The money raised will pay for equipment, props, special effects makeup, visual effects designs, sound design, music to be composed, costumes to be bought and most importantly it will allow us to pay our cast and crew for the 2 day shoot.

By heading over to our campaign on Kickstarter by clicking HERE you can read all about our cast, the synopsis of episode 4 and the many perks you can claim in return for your support. These include signed scripts, props, set visits, posters and more.

Two exclusive mini-episodes written by Hannah George (Wolfblood) and Roland Moore (Land Girls) are also available as exclusive perks and will only be made available as a private link to our backers and for those who buy our episodes 1-4 DVD.

Our campaign ends on the 28th of February so please do spread the word and if possible, donate to our episode.

At 9pm this evening we’ll be announcing our VERY special guest star too.