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Episode 6 Crowdfunding Successful – Filming Starts On Saturday



Thank you to our amazing 63 backers who helped bring episode 6, “Fight the Bite” by Laura Anderson, to life! With your help, this wouldn’t have been possible!

On Saturday (3rd of September) we will be with principle cast members Innes Anderson (Alexis) and Ellen Patterson (Maya Hedges) to film scenes from episode 6 at the Orkney Street Enterprise Centre in Glasgow. They have a fantastic prison location and have kindly allowed us to film key scenes here this weekend!

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.31.42

Then we shall be heading to the Hub at Pacific Drive to film the opening and closing scenes of episode 6. We will be joined by Katrina Bryan who is playing Jenny, Tam Toye who is playing a struggling vampire addict called Paul, and Matt Robertson who is playing Hands.


Next Saturday we will be filming the rest of the episode with Kenny Boyle, Billy Kirkwood, and Simon Weir joining Ellen and Innes for the remainder of episode 6.


We’re lucky to have Rachel Teate returning as PITS officer Grace Mackenzie for episode 6 and she will be joined by her Wolfblood co-star, Leona Vaughan, who is playing a vampire press specialist, Alicia Hughes.

It’s going to be two days on jam-packed filming and then we will send it off to be edited along with episode 5, “Revolution in a Teacup”, which is currently in post-production. We hope to release this episode in the beginning of October, sending out all perks associated with by then.

Leona Kate Vaughan

We expect “Fight the Bite” to be released in November and all going well we can release a Christmas special in mid-December. Watch episodes 1-3 now, including our pilot episode now below!

Episode 6 is Funded!


Cops and Monsters episode 6 is funded! Thank you so much to everybody who has pledged to our campaign and shared the link!

We’ve still got until the 1st of September to raise funds, so we’ve added some stretch goals that will help us avoid being affected by the Kickstarter fees (they take 5-9% of our total raised!), to produce a Halloween and Christmas mini-sode and if we get REALLY lucky, hopefully fund our final episode of Volume 1.

To grab a perk and help our series, click here.

“Fight the Bite” is written by acclaimed writer Laura Anderson, will pick up directly after part 5, “Revolution in a Teacup” and will see Maya Hedges continue her personal mission of tracking down a missing PITS agent, bringing her face to face with Lycan A202 in a deadly confrontation. Meanwhile Commander Norris Fletcher is feeling the pressure when Alicia Hughes, a vampire who deals with press relations, is called in to calm the public after a high profile vampire leader is murdered. With these distractions, The Cult of Many Faces ramps his campaign of terror to tear the PITS apart once for all…

Billy Kirkwood, Simon Weir, Rachel Teate, Ellen Patterson, Kenny Boyle, Chris Bain, Innes Anderson, and Mhairi Calvey return with guest star Leona Vaughan will be playing Alicia Hughes.

Guest stars are still to be announced!

Watch all of our current episodes so far below:

Los Angeles Film Awards


“Cops and Monsters” has been accepted into the Los Angeles Film Awards 2016 for Best Web Series!

We’ll find out on August 31st if we’ve won or not – fingers crossed!

Episode 5 – “Revolution in a Teacup” – is currently in post-production while episode 6, “Fight the Bite” is raising funds via Kickstarter so we can shoot the episode in September. We’re close to our target but it can only happen with your help. Click HERE to visit our Kickstarter page for information.

Casting Announcement – Leona Vaughan Joins The Team! – UPDATED

Leona Kate Vaughan

UPDATED! Leona will be playing vampire press specialist Alicia Hughes in episode 6, now titled “Fight the Bite”Our crowdfunding campaign is now live at this link!

Wolfblood and Stella star, Leona Vaughan, has joined our cast and will appear in episode 6, currently titled “The Ties That Bind” by Laura Anderson.

This is what Leona had to say about herself:

My name is Leona Vaughan! I’m a Welsh actress who has always dreamed of performing! I got my first break on the CBBC Series ‘Wolfblood‘ 3 years ago, playing ‘Jana’, and since then have worked on Sky One’s ‘Stella‘ and Welsh feature film ‘Bridgend’. I am so excited to work on Cops and Monsters as it’s not something I’ve ever done before! It’ll be interesting and exciting to play a new character and be part of the Cops and Monsters team!

We’ll have more news on Leona’s character closer to filming!

Our crowdfunding campaign to shoot episode 6 will launch in August, with the hope to shoot the episode in September. To find out more and why we’re making the episode so soon click here.

Cops and Monsters is an on-going indie supernatural web-series following the Paranormal Investigations Team Scotland as they police and protect supernatural creatures in a near future Scotland. Leona joins the likes of Colin McCredie (Taggart), Sarah Louise Madison (Doctor Who), Rachel Teate (Wolfblood, Father Brown), Kirsty Strain (River City, Burnistoun), Sophie Aldred (Doctor Who) and James Payton (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Captain America).

Episode 5 Teaser Trailer

With filming wrapped on part 5, “Revolution in a Teacup” and the episode in post-production, we wanted to share this little teaser with you to whet your appetite!

Please watch, share and let everybody know about our little teaser!

We’re £395 away from hitting our Episode 6 Kickstarter Goal with LOTS of perks on offer but we’ve only got until August 31st to hit our £2000 target! Find out more here!

Episode 6 Crowdfunding Campaign NOW LIVE!


We have now officially launched the episode 6 crowdfunding campaign!

Following directly on from upcoming episode “Revolution in a Teacup”, episode 6 will see Maya Hedges grow ever more desperate to rescue fallen PITS agent, and her ex-boyfriend, Martin Carmichael! The Cult of Many Faces will continue to torture the team while Commander Norris Fletcher struggles to keep the organisation afloat when a vampire specialist is brought in to deal with the on-going case of Lycan A202…

Returning cast includes Ellen Patterson (Maya Hedges), Billy Kirkwood (The Cult of Many Faces), Innes Anderson (Alexis), Simon Weir (Commander Norris Fletcher) and Mhairi Calvey (Zoe). Wolfblood and Stella star Leona Vaughan joins our cast as our special guest star.

We’ve got 31 days to raise at least £2000 in order to produce a 2 day shoot this September as this will be our last big “story” episode for volume 1 until early next year due to cast availability.

Perks include: set visits, cameo roles, signed DVDs, signed posters, signed cast pictures, personalised PITS badges, soundtracks, Harry Potter and Captain America signed pictures, and more!

To get involved and find out more please click here!

Webfest Berlin


We’ve just submitted “The New Recruit” to be considered for selection for this year’s Webfest Berlin! Regardless of being selected or not, we will be entered into their digital catalogue for distributors and sales agents to see, which allows us to continue our exposure for the show.

Once we find out if we’ve been selected we’ll post the update! In the meantime, familiarise yourself with our official first episode below!

“Revolution in a Teacup” Day 1 Complete

Revolution - Grace and Maya

Day 1 of filming is officially wrapped! Cast Rachel Teate, Simon Weir, James Payton and Ellen Patterson, with a host of supporting artist, descended on The Hub at Pacific Quay to film all of our PITS office scenes for episode 5, as Norris Fletcher (Simon Weir) briefed his team on their search for a missing PITS agent, as Maya decided to take matters in to her own hands, despite Grace’s interventions.

After lunch we headed to The Tron Theatre and the makeup team turned our PITS agents into werewolves for a scene involving Maya, Grace and werewolf bartender, David Brannigan (played by Harry Potter actor James Payton). Lots of fun seeing a drunk Maya turning rogue and shooting up the bar!

Filming finished at 5.45pm and cast and crew returned home! We’ll be releasing photos soon from the day but for now we’re focussed on prepping for day 2 and welcoming Doctor Who star Sophie Aldred to our Cops and Monsters family on the 24th of July.

We’ll soon be making plans to run a crowdfunding campaign to shoot episode 6 by Laura Anderson in August so we can shoot it in September before the show goes on a Winter hiatus, before continuing in Easter 2017…

Fear not though as we’ll be releasing at least 1 new “story” episode from Volume 1, working on minisodes with new characters, comic strips, radio dramas and more! Watch this space!


Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.20.55

Thank you so much everybody! Our new episode, “Revolution in a Teacup”, is officially funded!

Locations, call sheets, makeup tests, equipment hire, props, costumes, schedules are now all being worked on for the first day of filming where we will be shooting scenes in The Hub in Govan which will act as our PITS office with Simon Weir, Rachel Teate and Ellen Patterson. Followed up by filming at The Tron Theatre where we will be using that to double as the werewolf bar, The Tooth and Claw where we will meet James Payton, Ellen Patterson and Rachel Teate.

Then we can focus on the second day’s filming…

We’ll be posting pictures, videos and updates on our progress on our official website, twitterand facebook!

For now please head to THIS page to catch up on our episodes so far!

Crowdfunding Success!


With a week to go we’ve hit our crowdfunding target! Thank you to everybody who has pledged, shared and supported our show, we are so very grateful.

Now we can start booking flights, transport, accommodation, sourcing props, locations and more so we can shoot episode 4, “Revolution in a Teacup”, on the 10th and 24th of July. We then hope to release it online (and for free!) in September.

“Revolution in a Teacup” will pick up straight after “In Crimson”, which has been online for the past month. You can watch it here now or below!

Our first official production meeting with Claire Mcguire and Lindsay Dowell from Goldray Productions will take place on the 27th of June where we will sort out our schedules for the shoot and everything else that goes with it!

We’ll be looking for supporting artists to play PITS agents and werewolves in Glasgow on July 10th so keep your eyes open for that.

7 days left to pledge towards our show as the more we raise the more chance we’ll have of filming our next 2 planned episodes this year!