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New Cast Announcement Coming Soon

Today we met with a well known Scottish actor to discuss joining the Cops and Monsters cast for series 2, and we’re delighted that they said yes!

The actor in question will be taking the role of Private Colin Jack Bissett, a member of the S.P.I.D.E.R.S, the new militant force in charge of the supernatural community in Scotland, having replaced the P.I.T.S at the end of series 1.

With our Kickstarter campaign live over at this link running until July 9th, we’ll announce our brand new cast member once we hit at least £1800!

Private Bissett is Maya’s assigned Buddy during the handover from PITS to SPIDERS. He’s a foulmouthed, laddish soldier—think Jacko and Charlie from Gary Tank Commander—and fully on board with the racist agenda of Mr Clark and the SPIDERS, but his key motivation is his love for his daughter, whom he wants to grow up in a better world. He is a reliable sharpshooter who would never let his quasi-family of SPIDERS down.

Bissett left school at 16 with poor grades and got a gig as a garage skivvy while staying in his mum’s house—his parents separated when he was nine after Bissett’s dad had an affair. When he was 18, Bissett’s on/off girlfriend KARYN (then 17, now 28) became pregnant so he joined the army in order to provide for his new family. Since then, he and Karyn have separated due to Bissett’s infidelity and now share joint custody of BECCA (11).

Bissett transferred to the SPIDERS during their expansion last year, a posting which means he gets to spend less time on tour and see his daughter more often—and maybe smash some “subnatural” heads in. He is a doting father and spends a lot of his free time and money on lavish gifts for his daughter. His nickname within the military is “Daddy” because he talks about her so much. (Those who don’t know this call him “Bissett”. He makes subnaturals call him “Sir”.)

We can’t wait to announce our new cast member and we can’t wait to see him in action as Bissett!

Series 1 of Cops and Monsters is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Watch Our Episodes & Help Us Fund Series 2!

We are raising funds in order to shoot all 6 x 20 minute episodes of Cops and Monsters: Uprising.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign we can shoot Debbie Moon’s opening episode, “Remembrance”, this July. We are now seeking to raise at least £25,000 in order to shoot the remaining 5 episodes.

You can watch the opening episode of series 2, written by Wolfblood creator Debbie Moon, below:

Series 1 can be watched on Amazon and Social Screen!

You can get involved with the show on our GoFundMe page, Patreon and Drip. Click on any of the links to find out more.

If you’d like you can donate to our show via PayPal by clicking the link below.

Donate the following amounts and you’ll receive:

£50 – A credit in the “Thank You” section for yourself or a friend or family member.
£100 – An ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit on our next episode; credited on IMDb and Amazon Prime UK and US plus a signed copy of a series 2 script and series 1 on DVD with our available episodes of series 2.
£300 – A PRODUCER credit on our next episode, plus all of the above plus signed photos from the cast and crew.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

The more money we raise, the more episodes we can make!

Returning cast include Ellen Patterson (Maya), Innes Anderson (Alexis), Chris Bain (Jonathan Clark) and Billy Kirkwood (The Cult of Many Faces).


Series 2 Kickstarter Launching May 25th!

On May 25th we’ll be launching a brand new Kickstarter to help us raise funds to shoot episode 1 of our new series.

“Remembrance” written by award winning Wolfblood creator Debbie Moon launches us back into the Cops and Monsters universe as Maya Hedges starts her first day as a S.P.I.D.E.R.S agent in the newly decorated PITS office. Teamed with S.P.I.D.E.R.S veteran Colin Jack Bissett, Maya has to learn the ropes all over again as she balances her responsibilities to the supernatural community, without sparking suspicion with her new partner. But can Maya keep her cool when a standard “bag and tag” call comes in when a rogue zombie is spotted in Zone 1?

We’ll have until July 9th to raise £3890 which will pay for our cast, crew, locations, makeup, equipment, catering, costumes, sound design, music composition, editing and visual effects. The episode will then be released on Amazon Prime alongside series 1.

In return for your support you can receive the following perks; IMDb producer credits, walk on roles, series 1 and 2 on DVD/blu-ray, t-shirts, posters, mugs, keyrings, signed cast photos, signed scripts and more!

We need a total of £30,000 to produce our new 6 x 20 minute episodes and we hope that by funding and shooting episode 1, we’ll find the support and fanbase to raise the rest of the funds needed.

Cops and Monsters: Sci-Fi Bulletin Article

A new article about our season 2 opening episode, written by Wolfblood creator and BAFTA winning writer Debbie Moon.

You can read the article by clicking this link.

The writers continue to work on their scene by scene’s for their respective episodes and soon we’ll be sending notes back for them to proceed on the first draft of their scripts. Currently we plan to have all 6 scripts finished by the start of June.

At the moment we hope to reach our Kickstarter goal of £5000 over at this link so that we can shoot and release our first episode. We then hope to raise the rest of the production budget using our new episode and seeking business sponsorship. Alternatively, and as a last resort, we will try to raise the funds for each episode via crowdfunding – however this will severely slow down our production schedule so we hope we can raise the £30,000 sooner rather than later.

We are also in talks with various Comic Cons around the UK and we hope to be able to appear at some of them in order to give a panel, screen some of our episodes and raise awareness for our little show.

And finally we’ve got some pre-production artwork and sneak peeks at series 2 for you to see.

SPIDERS Logo – designed by Stuart Manning

SPIDERS OPERATIVE BADGE – designed by Scott Harwood


Series 2 Kickstarter Now Live!

We have now launched the series 2 Kickstarter campaign!

Until May 14th we are attempting to raise at least £5000, which will allow us to shoot episode 1 of our new series.

In return for your pledges we’re offering IMDb producer credits, signed scripts, signed cast photos, personalised PITS badges, walk on roles, digital soundtracks and more.

To find out more and to support Cops and Monsters series 2, click this link.

Series 2 Production Art – SPIDERS Logo

Thank you to Stuart Manning we now have the official logo for the SPIDERS in Cops and Monsters: Uprising.

The SPIDERS (SuPernatural IDentification Executive Regiment (Scotland) replaced the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland in the closing moments of series 1. 

Initially a military force, the S.P.I.D.E.R.S  were put into place, preferring a more direct approach to dealing with the supernaturals. After being considered to be too forceful and brutal with the supernaturals, the S.P.I.D.E.R.S were officially retired by the First Minister, with the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland (PITS), a department within the police, put in their place. However due to a series of failures and mounting pressure from the press, the PITS were also put on ice, forced into transition with the S.P.I.D.E.R.S with the promise that a compromise between their methods and tactics could be reached. However, with the vampire and werewolf community now leaderless, both sides threatening war on humanity and with each other, now more than ever a common ground must be found in order for peace to prevail.

Series 2 will be written by Debbie Moon, Laura Anne Anderson, James T Harding, Simon Underwood, Philip Lawrence and Fraser Coull. Shannon Eden joins the team as assistant script editor. The 20 minute scripts are currently being written after a successful pre-production Kickstarter campaign.

We will be running a Kickstarter campaign from the 20th of March until the 14th of May to raise at least £5000 – these funds will be used to produce episode 1 – whilst a total of £30,000 is required to shoot all 6 episodes. We will be offering IMDb producer credits, series 1 on DVD and blu-ray, signed cast photos, walk on roles, signed scripts, posters, soundtracks and more in return for pledges and support.

To help us raise our funds we will be seeking further sponsorship such as with Prophecy Girl which we hope will bring us the funds necessary to shoot our 2nd series. You can find out more about our Sponsorship offers by clicking this link.

Series 1 is currently available on Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video and our first episode is free to watch below:

Cops and Monsters Series 2 – How We Fund The Series

With series 1 completed and now available on Amazon Prime we’re focussing on producing a brand new series, which we hope to shoot this year.

From January 30th we ran a Series 2 Pre-Production Kickstarter campaign in order to pay for our 6 writers to pen 6 x 20 minute new episodes. This Kickstarter also covered to pay for the new concept banner you see above, and our brand new opening titles by Shervin Shirazian:

From mid-March we are going to run a SERIES 2 EPISODE FUND Kickstarter campaign, which will initially be set at £5,000. We’ll run the campaign for around 60 days and in this time we hope to hit the goal. If we do, we can produce the first new episode of series 2.

All the information so far on series 2 can be found at this link however we can tell you that Debbie Moon, the creator and writer of “Wolfblood“, will be penning the first episode, currently titled “Remembrance”. Joining Debbie on writing duties is Philip Lawrence (Big Finish), Simon Underwood (Wolfblood series 5), Laura Anne Anderson (“OOglies“), James T Harding (“Cupid of the Clyde“) and Fraser Coull (Cops and Monsters showrunner).

Our plan is to shoot over 18 days in the Autumn, filming 6 x 20 minute episodes in and around the Glasgow area. We will have some returning cast with a mixture of new faces and we hope to cast some more brilliant guest stars, continuing with the calibre of guest stars from series 1.

We need around £30,000 to produce these 6 episodes and that money will pay for our cast, crew, props, equipment, locations, costumes, special effects makeup, visual effects, music, sound, editing… and most importantly food for the team. In an ideal world we will be able to fund the entire new series on our next Kickstarter campaign, but if not we’ll continue looking at alternative funding sources to raise the money required.

Prophecy Girl have joined us as our first official sponsors of series 2 – in return for their monetary sponsorship we’ll be featuring their clothes throughout the series and they’ll be credited on the first episode of series 2. We will continue to seek sponsorship from businesses around the world and if you’re interested in doing so, please click here.

We’ll also keep our Virtual Tip Jar open throughout so if you’d like to contribute to the show without perks or reward, you can do so at this link.

We’ve also set up a Patreon page for Cops and Monsters as a way of reaching a larger audience, and you can become a Patreon of the show at this link. We’ll be posting exclusive interviews, behind the scenes videos, pre-production photos and more to our backers on our next Kickstarter campaign and for our Patreons.

And that’s all of the news for series 2. We hope that you’ll join us and support what we’re trying to achieve.

Cops and Monsters: Uprising – Pre-Production Kickstarter Goal Reached!

We launched our Cops and Monsters: Uprising Pre-Production Kickstarter Campaign on January 30th, and within around 5 days we hit our goal of £1500. This means we can now:

  • Pay our 6 writers including Debbie Moon (BAFTA winning Wolfblood creator), Simon Underwood (Wolfblood series 5), Philip Lawrence (Big Finish’s Doctor Who), James T Harding (Broadway Baby) Laura Anne Anderson (BAFTA winning CBeebies’ OOglies) and Fraser Coull (Cops and Monsters Showrunner, One Year Later)
  • Pay for our brand new opening title sequence (draft version below)
  • Pay for new opening title music
  • Pay for our concept banner by Sophie Cowdrey

The campaign will end on the 28th of February and we’ve still got perks available. The more we raise past £1500 will go towards the production fund to shoot our 6 new episodes this year. If you’d like to get involved you can do so at this link.

Concept Banner by Sophie Cowdrey

Cops and Monsters Uprising Concept Titles by Shervin Shirazian

We should be featured in the March 28th issue of SFX Magazine with information on the show and an interview from showrunner Fraser Coull. Prior to this we may run a Kickstarter campaign for the first episode of series 2. If we raise the funds to shoot the first new 20 minute episode (penned by Debbie Moon), then we hopefully will raise enough to shoot the following 5 episodes.

From March we will be contacting further businesses to sponsor the show. So far we are delighted that Geek clothing store Prophecy Girl have sponsored series 2.

In return for their sponsorship we will be featuring their clothes throughout series 2 and they will be credited as sponsors on the end of the first episode on Amazon Prime UK and US. If you’re interested in sponsoring us, please click this link. We are aiming to raise £30,000 to produce 6 x 20 minute episodes this year.

Our first episode, “The New Recruit” will be screening on the 25th of February at 3pm at MysticCon in America, with a trailer to preview the rest of series 1 which is currently on Amazon Prime.

All other Series 2 information will be found and updated at this link.