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Casting Announcement 29th January

Filming a promotional 'Cops and Monsters' video in Glasgow - 24 May 2015

We’ve secured a very talented actress to play the part of Tina Hedges in episode 4. Fans of the sci-fi genre will recognise her but we’re going to announce the casting on the 29th of January when our Episode 4 kickstarter campaign goes live.

So once we’ve cleared the deck, and our guest star gets out of her pyjamas to come to set in March, we’ll release some teasing clues to keep you guessing until then…

“In Crimson”, by Ian Smith, is the 4th episode so far, and kickstarts a 4-part story as PITS newcomers Maya and Martin struggle to work together in their investigation of a streak of werewolf-related murders. Meanwhile Alexis, aka Lycan A202, last seen accidentally murdering her protector, goes on the run as she fights to discover if she is more beast than woman, just as The Cult of Many Faces starts his campaign of terror against the PITS team.

Shooting will take place on the 19th and 26th of March before entering post-production and released on-line as soon as possible.

IMG_8743_web_bw 7X1A3284 Kenneth Boyle_8x10_colour-4 billy kirkwood

Ellen Patterson, Kenny Boyle, Billy Kirkwood and Chris Bain return with more casting to be announced over the coming weeks.

Casting Announcement – Ellen Patterson Returns

ellen patterson

Ellen Patterson returns to Cops and Monsters to reprise her role of new PITS leader, Maya Hedges.

Here’s what Ellen had to say about her career so far and returning to our show –

Having spent the past five years largely only working in Ireland, England and abroad, I am loving the opportunity to be back on home soil as part of Cops and Monsters. Originally from Edinburgh, I moved elsewhere to study and then became involved in diverse work from clowning to musical film but had not had the chance to explore the world of web series’ until now. It’s been a fantastic ride so far; from being put through my paces in the PITS’ physical test to shooting zombies, there’s never a dull moment. Maya Hedges was only at the beginning of her journey in episode 3 as ‘the new recruit’ and I am really looking forward to the next chapter unfolding as we move forward in time in episode 4. She certainly has determination and a lot she wants to prove so I have no doubt there’s a great deal of excitement in store for her yet!

Filming will take place on the 19th and 26th of March this year and we will be launching our kickstarter to make the episode happen on the 29th of March.

We’ll be releasing more cast information in the coming weeks.

Casting Announcement – Chris Bain

Chris Bain

Things are heating up for episode 4 and we’ve got our first official cast announcement. Chris Bain, who first appeared in episode 4 as Clark, the Minister of Justice, returns to episode 4.

Chris is known for playing a young Jason Mewes in the official Kevin Smith biopic “Shooting Clerks”, which is released this year.  Further to this he has played a wide range of characters from Charles Darwin in the dramatised documentary Evolution, camp and witty “God on Demand” Robert in afterlife drama Blue Skies and of course conniving government agent Clark in Cops and Monsters. Chris will also be appearing in record breaking feature film Breathe Easy as Danny which will begin filming this year.

Here’s what Chris had to say about returning to the show:

“I’m delighted to be playing Clark again in Cops and Monsters. It’s always a pleasure to work with Fraser and the rest of the crew and I can’t wait to see what scheming and plotting Clark has been getting up to in episode 4.”

We’ll be announcing more returning cast along with some new faces between now and when we shoot episode 4 in March!

Pre-Production Begins on Episode 4…

Martin Carmichael and Maya Hedges - characters in 'Cops and Monsters' in Glasgow Flat Location - 18 July 2015

 It’s 2016 and we’re gearing up to make MORE episodes of Cops and Monsters!

“In Crimson” written by Ian Smith, kicks off our four part story which sees PITS members Maya Hedges and Martin Carmichael called out to investigate the murder of a young woman in her bed. When all signs point to another rogue werewolf attack, Maya finds herself unsettled due to her troubling past, leading to a bust-up with Martin. Seeking solace with her close friend, Maya heads off to clear her head leaving Martin to look into the re-appearance of Alexis, a dangerous werewolf on the run from the PITS team. 

We are planning to shoot in Glasgow this March and over the coming weeks we will be announcing our cast, including special guests, releasing pre-production stills, filming update vlogs, as well as letting you know the many different ways that YOU can be involved with the show.

In the meantime be sure to catch up on episodes one, two and three and all of our bonus videos in our video page!

Video Catch Up!


It’s very easy to get up in all the festivities in December, so you might have missed some of our videos! So, here are a few videos that we’ve recently released for you to catch up on, starting with a little festive message from The Cult of Many Faces…

We also released our 3rd episode, “The New Recruit”, which saw the introduction of new PITS member Maya Hedges (Ellen Patterson) as well as bringing Simon Weir, Kenny Boyle, Chris Bain and a few zombies into the world of Cops and Monsters…

And finally, filmmaker Ellie Hughes documented our time filming “The New Recruit”, which she cut together for us and you can watch it here…

Watch Episode 3 – The New Recruit!

Here it is, the brand new episode of Cops and Monsters! Meet Maya Hedges as she trains to become the newest member of the PITS team – but what secret is she hiding and is she ready for the final test?

Once you’ve watched the episode you can watch interviews from Ellen, Kenny, Simon and Chris as they discuss their role in the show.

Be sure to watch Episode 1 and Episode 2 before feasting your eyes on our latest instalment.