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Happy Birthday to Sarah Louise Madison!

'Cops and Monsters' Filming in Glasgow - 19 January 2014

Happy Birthday to Sarah Louise Madison who plays manipulative vampire Julia in our show! You can watch Sarah as Julie in episode 1 below, in the horror web series, “Twisted Showcase” and of course, as a terrifying Weeping Angel in Doctor Who!

Casting Announcement – Ellen Patterson


We are pleased to announce that Scottish actress Ellen Patterson has joined our cast! Ellen will be playing the role of MAYA HEDGES, a trainee recruit for the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland. We will meet Maya in episode 3, “The New Recruit” as she is put through her paces in order to transfer to the PITS team.

Ellen has this to say about her career so far, and why she is excited to be a part of COPS AND MONSTERS:

“I began acting professionally when I was 13 when I was cast in a seven part series for CITV. This was the most incredible experience but, I have to admit, is the source of a lot of embarrassment now! (it was called Butterfingers and was about a football team…I am no footballer.) Studying Drama and Theatre Studies at Trinity College in Dublin was what took this dream into reality for me and really made me understand how important it was to me. The Irish scene was also a fantastic thing to experience. It is so similar to Scotland in so many ways and I will definitely continue to work in Ireland in the future. I recently moved to London and since living there I have missed the Scottish production industry a lot. I miss the people, their energy, their creativity and above all else the support Scottish teams constantly supply each other with. Reading about Silly Wee Films after seeing the audition posting on Casting Call Pro I was very keen to work with you as you seem to encapsulate all these qualities that made me fall in love with Scottish film. The web series itself really interested me as it is different and exciting without taking itself too seriously. It was immediately obvious that this would be a great team to work with and a web series I would be very proud to be associated with. Reading about your past short films it is clear how passionate you are about making diverse and original productions.”

Filming on episode 3 takes place on Saturday 18th of July in Glasgow.