Ellen Patterson is Maya Hedges in series 1 and 2
Stephen Purdon joins series 2 as Private Colin Jack Bissett
Innes Anderson is conflicted werewolf Alexis Smith aka Lycan A202
Helen Cuinn joins series 2 as Major Frances Stone
Chris Bain plays the calculating Jonathan Clark Minister of Justice in series 1 and 2
Billy Kirkwood stars as the sinister and mysterious Cult of Many Faces
Bill McBain and Barbara Rafferty star in the series 2 opening episode as Connor and Heather Tulloch
Simon Weir stars as Commander Norris Fletcher in series 1
Wendy Wason and James Mackenzie star in series 1 as Lucy and Neil Hedges
Kenny Boyle plays Martin Carmichael in series 1
Sophie Aldred plays Vampire Queen Lady Audrey McDairmid
Karen Bartke is Tina Hedges in series 1
Katrina Bryan is troubled werewolf Jenny Connor
Joanna Harte is PITS officer with a secret Astrid Bennett
Victoria Gibson is Karis Jones aka The Hunter
Rowan Birkett plays Catherine Bennett
Leona Vaughan plays Alicia Hughes
James Payton plays Brannigan, leader of the werewolf community and owner of the Tooth and Claw
Rachel Teate plays Grace Mackenzie
Mhairi Calvey is Zoey Smith
Caitlin Blackwood plays a young Alexis Smith in our prequel episode, “Preparing the Weapon”

A supernatural web series with bite!

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