What is Cops and Monsters?

“Cops and Monsters” is a brand new web-series created by Fraser Coull

Volume 1 is made up of 6 episodes, exploring the case of Lycan A202, a ferocious werewolf who can transform without the powers of a full-moon, making her the perfect weapon for the sinister Cult of Many Faces to use to destroy the PITS team, and more specifically, Maya Hedges, who as well as facing the prospect of working closely with her ex-boyfriend Martin Carmichael, is close to discovering a well-hidden secret about her parent’s unsolved deaths at the hands of a pack of werewolves 5 years previously.

Maya struggles to learn the inner-workings of the paranormal unit and her increasing drive to discover the truth about her parent’s murder. We will also follow Alexis, the powerful werewolf known as Lycan A202, as she struggles to find her humanity within the hunger of the kill. We will meet her vampiric twin sister, Zoe, as she struggles to come to terms with her blood-lust.

Finally, we will meet PITS Commander Norris Fletcher, serving out his punishment after several cases of grievous body harm charges against human suspects, finding himself embroiled with Mr. Clark, the Minister of Justice who all plan to use the PITS for his own nefarious purposes.

Strands will be left in place throughout each episode, with the potential of picking them up again in a second volume. Each “volume” of episodes will represent a specific case for the PITS team to investigate, while the battle with The Cult of Many Faces and the political agenda of Mr. Clark and Alan Smith will be the ongoing serial story.

This is a story about finding your humanity in a world of monsters.

A minisode was successfully crowd-funded in January and produced. The first episode has been screened at Em-Con, MCM Comic Con London, Sci-Fi Scarborough and MCM Comic Con Scotland.

We are currently in production with 9 episodes in total, with the first 7 episodes completed.

A 2nd series is in the works to be shot in 2018, funding dependent.

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