Cops and Monsters is a crowdfunded supernatural police thriller from Scotland. Series 2 is currently in pre-production and we need your help.

Series 1 is available on Amazon Prime, Google Play and on our Patreon page.

“Remembrance”, the opening episode of series 2 is available to watch at this link.

What People Say

Suspenseful. Plenty of humour. A future cult classic in the making. Lighthearted. A show that means serious business without taking itself too seriously. If you have some time on your hands and want something entertaining to watch then look no further!

– Amazon Review

Great show from a very talented film maker. The UK is in desperate need of more sci-fi and this fits the bill perfectly.

– Amazon Review

An excellent programme. The episodes are short, sweet, and as full of flavour as a nut. It puts the “main stream”, over bloated series, to shame..

– Amazon Review

Let’s build something together.

A supernatural web series with bite!

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