Philip lawrence returns to cops and monsters

Philip Lawrence, who is part of our series 2 writing team, has returned to pen an episode of our Cops and Monsters audio series.

Philip is currently writing episodes of BBC’s EastEnders and Casualty but his first actual screenwriting commission was for series 2 of Cops And Monsters. He’s always been a massive genre fan with Doctor Who, Star Trek, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The X-Files among his favourites. He’s even penned a few Doctor Who adventures for Big Finish. But he’s thrilled to have another bite at Cops And Monsters.

I always felt like a bit of an outsider and a freak – I think most of us do – and Cops And Monsters really taps into that with its fragmented society of supernatural sects. It’s such a rich universe, full of complex characters and made with such an obvious love of the genre from Doctor Who to Wolfblood. I was overjoyed to be picked to write for series 2 and I’m so excited to be back again.

Philip’s episode is titled “Adrift” and will feature a couple of returning faces to the Cops and Monsters universe. More details to follow.

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