Cops and Monsters: The Audio Series!

Whilst we’re in isolation and lockdown, unable to go outside and film new episodes of Cops and Monsters series 2, we’ve decided to use our time wisely and produce Cops and Monsters: The Audio Series! 

The 6 part series will consist of 10 standalone episodes set within the Cops and Monsters Omniverse, with familiar characters and brand new faces (or should that be voices!) expanding and exploring new stories.

We will then release the episodes either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, for a small fee with all monies earned going straight to a chosen charity.

At the moment we’ve secured some of our cast from series 1 and 2 to star in our new episodes and we’re reading a LOT of scripts from writers who have expressed an interest in penning the episodes.

If you’d like to be in an episode with a cameo role or have a character named after you or a loved one, you can join us on Patreon at this link. You simply choose a tier with perks that you like and each month that money is sent to our Cops and Monsters Patreon for us to make new content – whether that be audio adventures, short films or full episodes – or even a comic! Click HERE to find out more.

In the meantime please enjoy “Remembrance” by BAFTA winner Debbie Moon – the opening episode of Cops and Monsters Series 2:

All 8 episodes of series 1 are available to watch now on Amazon Prime and Google Play.

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