Happy 2019 – Looking to the Year Ahead!

Happy 2019 from all of us here at Cops and Monsters! We can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.

2018 was a wonderful year as we crowdfunded the funds needed to hire our 6 writers for “Uprising” – including Debbie Moon, Laura Anne Anderson, James T Harding, Simon Underwood and Philip Lawrence. Series creator Fraser Coull will also be returning to pen the series finale.

We also successfully crowdfunded our first episode, “Remembrance”, written by Wolfblood creator and BAFTA winner Debbie Moon. Ellen Patterson, Innes Anderson, Billy Kirkwood and Chris Bain all returned from series 1 and were joined by River City stars Stephen Purdon and Barbara Rafferty. Stephen joined us new series regular, playing Private Colin Jack Bissett, while his co-star, Louise McMenemy, will be joining us as werewolf activist Ava McIntyre from episode 2 onwards. Scottish actresses Helen Cuinn also joined as as SPIDERS commander Frances Stone. Bill McBain also joined us as loving husband turned zombie, Connor, in episode 1.

Due to our crowdfunding success early last year, we were able to fund a 3 day shoot – meaning that all SPIDERS office scenes and Alexis’ hideout scenes throughout the six episodes, could be filmed over two days. With the 3rd day left to film the rest of Debbie’s opening episode. Additional scenes from episodes 2, 3, 4 and 6 were shot over the first block of filming.

We are in the early stages of planning our next crowdfunding campaign, which will be to raise the £5,000 necessary for a 2 day shoot to finish episode 2, “Bad Moon Rising”, by Laura Anne Anderson. Ideally we’ll be launching in the middle of February, running for a month, allowing us to shoot the episode in April. The closer we get to £25,000 then the more of our remaining 5 episodes can be filmed this year. The money we raise goes to paying our cast and crew, locations, makeup, special effects, music, editing, sound design and editing, costumes, travel, accommodation and most importantly… food for the team!

On the 15th, 16th and 17th of February we will be in Scotland’s capital for Capital Sci-Fi Con 2019 to promote the series and screen some of our episodes, where we will hopefully find more supporters and more of an audience to get behind us.

“Bad Moon Rising”, our 2nd episode by Laura Anne Anderson, will be our 10th episode in total:

A Monster roams a supernatural zone, mutilating and eating anyone it finds. Alexis is tormented by a vision of The Cult of Many Faces, and worries that her confinement is driving her to madness. Maya battles hostile SPIDERS colleagues and a bigoted new directive from sleazy Minister Clark in her mission to uphold the law. When an old acquaintance ambushes Maya outside SPIDERS HQ, desperately seeking her help, things go from bad to worse.

Werewolf therapist Jenny Connor is badly shaken – she was part of a programme aimed at helping supernaturals, and something has gone terribly wrong. A Monster has been unleashed – THE Monster.

Distrusting SPIDERS and with nobody else to turn to, Jenny enlists Maya and Alexis to help her find the Monster and put an end to the violence. The group travel to Zone 3, the Werewolf ghetto, to investigate.

Between the full moon, Maya’s split loyalties, The Cult’s hounding of Alexis, and a dark secret kept by Jenny, it’ll be a wonder if they make it out of Zone 3 alive.

Louise McMenemy will make her debut in our show, and we hope that Katrina Bryan will also return to her role of Jenny Connor – which will be her 3rd time in the role. You can see Katrina in action as Jenny in our minisode, “Trapped”, below:

Prior to our Kickstarter launch you can of course help us in other ways – either via Patreon, Drip on Kickstarter, Sponsorship or private funding. To find out more click on this link.

Here’s to a successful 2019 and hopefully even more Cops and Monsters for you all to enjoy!

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