How To Watch All The Episodes

It’s never been easier to watch Cops and Monsters!

Series 1 – which consists of 8 episodes, running for 240 minutes in total, can be watched on Amazon Prime UK, US or Amazon Instant Video. It can also be watched via Social Screen!

Click HERE to watch Cops and Monsters on Social Screen

Click HERE to watch Cops and Monsters on Amazon Prime/Instant Video

Series 2 is currently in production and episode 1 is free to watch below:

And if you enjoyed watching episode 1 and wish to help us make more, you can head to our Kickstarter campaign at this link. We have until November 29th to reach at least £4000 to produce episode 2.

We are also on Drip – where you can select a monthly amount to pledge to the show (which can be cancelled at any time) – to find out more click here.

Or you can join us on Patreon – which works very similarly to Drip, but is more US focused. Click here to find out more.

Fancy sponsoring the show to help us make even more episodes and be featured in them? Click here.

Or are you just super generous and want to donate to us via PayPal so we can make episodes 2-6 of series 2? Click here.

With your help we can make more episodes of series 2 but we can only do it with YOUR help.

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