MCM Comic Con Scotland 2018

This weekend we were at MCM Comic Con Scotland to promote the show and to take part in two panels on the Main Stage and Live Stage.

We were joined by Fraser Coull (showrunner), Lindsay Dowell (Executive Producer), Anne Nicholson (Editor/Associate Producer), Billy Kirkwood (The Cult of Many Faces), Bill McBain (Connor Tulloch), Beth Cameron (Photographer) James T Harding (Writer/Story Editor) and Sonja Bleitschau (Photographer).

On the video above you’ll see the 9 minute we screened – including clips from series 1 and brand new clips from the footage we’ve been able to shoot so far for series 2 – and then the panel from the Live Stage on the Sunday.

Coming next week will be a 10 minute highlight video with interviews from Bill McBain and Anne Nicholson from the weekend.

We’ll also be sharing photos from the comic con by Beth and Sonja over the next few weeks.

Episode 1 of series 2, written by Debbie Moon, is in post-production with visual effects, sound design/editing and music composition now being worked on so it won’t be long until we have a brand new episode to share with you all.

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