Series 2 Update!

Series 2 is officially in production and this update will let you know what’s happening!

If you’ve not caught up on series 1 yet, head over to Amazon Prime/Amazon Instant Video to watch the first 8 episodes of our show, or visit our YouTube Channel to watch previews, behind the scenes, trailers and more!

What’s Series 2 About?

Cops and Monsters: Uprising follows on a year after the events of series 1. Maya Hedges (Ellen Patterson) has returned from her journey of self discovery with wanted werewolf and assassin Alexis Smith (Innes Anderson), who is MIA after being linked to multiple murders and the assassination of Vampire Leader, Lady Audrey MacDairmid (Sophie Aldred). The Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland has been shut down by Minister of Justice Jonathan Clark (Chris Bain) and has been replaced by the SPIDERS (SuPernatural IDentification Executive Regiment Scotland), a much more militant police force in charge of policing the supernatural community.

Maya is assigned to a SPIDERS “buddy”, Private Colin Jack Bissett (Stephen Purdon) by Major Frances Stone (Helen Cuinn), who hopes that with the help of former PITS officers they can quickly get to grips with dealing with the supernatural community on a day-to-day basis.

Meanwhile a supernatural rights group, The Uprising, lead by werewolf Ava McIntyre (Louise McMenemy) is planning an attack on those who oppose the supernatural way of life, and she knows just the werewolf to spearhead their cause.

What’s Happening With Series 2?

We’ve hired 6 writers to pen 6 x 20 minute episodes, each with it’s own story acting as a “case of the week” with an series long arc running through the episodes. To find out more about each of our writers, click this link. Joining us for series 2 are Debbie Moon, Laura Anne Anderson, James T Harding, Simon Underwood, Philip Lawrence and series creator Fraser Coull. Shannon Eden joins us as assistant script editor.

Debbie’s opening episode, “Remembrance”, has been funded successfully and we shot it over 3 days – as well as scenes from other episodes where possible.

The episode is currently in post-production and we hope to release it on Amazon Prime by October 2018.

A prequel minisode, “Day One”, has been released to set up our new series:

We are now trying to raise funds to shoot episodes 2-6, which you can help us do so by clicking on this link. Until we reach at least £4000 we are unable to make any more episodes.

Who Is In Series 2?

Returning from series 1 is Ellen Patterson, Innes Anderson, Billy Kirkwood and Chris Bain.

Joining them as series regulars are Stephen Purdon (River City), Louise McMenemy (River City) and Helen Cuinn.

We are also planning on bringing back guest stars Katrina Bryan, Sophie Aldred, Leona Kate Vaughan, Rachel Teate, Victoria Gibson and some new faces. This is all funding dependent!

River City/Rab C Nesbitt/Hamish MacBeth legend Barbara Rafferty guest stars as Heather Tulloch alongside Bill McBain as her zombie husband Connor Tulloch, in our opening episode, “Remembrance.”

The more money we raise, the bigger the guest stars we can approach for the remaining 5 episodes of series 2!

When Will You Finish Making Series 2?

It’s all down to when we can raise the funds. Ideally we need around £25,000 to produce the remaining 5 episodes. This will pay for our actors, crew, expenses, equipment, catering, makeup, special effects makeup, locations, props, costumes, petrol/travel, hotels when necessary, editing, visual effects, sound design and music.

At the moment you can click on this link which will take you to our IndieGoGo campaign which is running until the 26th of September.

You can also click on this link to find out about donating to our show via PayPal or becoming a sponsor.

Finally you can become a Patreon of Cops and Monsters and help us make our brand new episode. Click here to find out more.

Great! How Can I Be Kept Up to Date?

You can follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and even follow us on Instagram!

Thanks! Do You Have Any More Series 2 Photos?

Yes, we we do…


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