Casting Announcement – William McBain

We are delighted to announce that Scottish actor William McBain has joined the cast of our brand new episode.

William MacBain has appeared in many productions at The Royal National Theatre:- The Good Hope, The Nativity, The Passion, Doomsday, Goldern Boy and Don Quixote. He was a member of Bill Bryden’s Company in The Ship and The Big Picnic. He has appeared in all of Peter McDougall’s highly acclaimed plays:- The Father’s Suit, The Brother’s Suit, The Shedding of the Suit, The Brother’s Keeper, “But That Was Then”, The Vampire Clinic. Most recently *”The Greatest” by Alan Muir. Television credits:- Taggart, Casualty, Holy City, The Young Ones and This is Your Life. Film credits:- Cat Run, Man to Man, The Summer Solstice, Complicity, Ill Fares The Land, Who Dares Wins and Confessions of a Window Cleaner.

William joins episode 1 and will be playing Connor Tulloch, opposite River City legend Barbara Rafferty.

Filming starts on the 15th of July!

Our Kickstarter for episode 1 ends today so if you’d like to grab a perk, you can do so by clicking this link.

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