New Cast Announcement Coming Soon

Today we met with a well known Scottish actor to discuss joining the Cops and Monsters cast for series 2, and we’re delighted that they said yes!

The actor in question will be taking the role of Private Colin Jack Bissett, a member of the S.P.I.D.E.R.S, the new militant force in charge of the supernatural community in Scotland, having replaced the P.I.T.S at the end of series 1.

With our Kickstarter campaign live over at this link running until July 9th, we’ll announce our brand new cast member once we hit at least £1800!

Private Bissett is Maya’s assigned Buddy during the handover from PITS to SPIDERS. He’s a foulmouthed, laddish soldier—think Jacko and Charlie from Gary Tank Commander—and fully on board with the racist agenda of Mr Clark and the SPIDERS, but his key motivation is his love for his daughter, whom he wants to grow up in a better world. He is a reliable sharpshooter who would never let his quasi-family of SPIDERS down.

Bissett left school at 16 with poor grades and got a gig as a garage skivvy while staying in his mum’s house—his parents separated when he was nine after Bissett’s dad had an affair. When he was 18, Bissett’s on/off girlfriend KARYN (then 17, now 28) became pregnant so he joined the army in order to provide for his new family. Since then, he and Karyn have separated due to Bissett’s infidelity and now share joint custody of BECCA (11).

Bissett transferred to the SPIDERS during their expansion last year, a posting which means he gets to spend less time on tour and see his daughter more often—and maybe smash some “subnatural” heads in. He is a doting father and spends a lot of his free time and money on lavish gifts for his daughter. His nickname within the military is “Daddy” because he talks about her so much. (Those who don’t know this call him “Bissett”. He makes subnaturals call him “Sir”.)

We can’t wait to announce our new cast member and we can’t wait to see him in action as Bissett!

Series 1 of Cops and Monsters is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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