Cops and Monsters: Sci-Fi Bulletin Article

A new article about our season 2 opening episode, written by Wolfblood creator and BAFTA winning writer Debbie Moon.

You can read the article by clicking this link.

The writers continue to work on their scene by scene’s for their respective episodes and soon we’ll be sending notes back for them to proceed on the first draft of their scripts. Currently we plan to have all 6 scripts finished by the start of June.

At the moment we hope to reach our Kickstarter goal of £5000 over at this link so that we can shoot and release our first episode. We then hope to raise the rest of the production budget using our new episode and seeking business sponsorship. Alternatively, and as a last resort, we will try to raise the funds for each episode via crowdfunding – however this will severely slow down our production schedule so we hope we can raise the £30,000 sooner rather than later.

We are also in talks with various Comic Cons around the UK and we hope to be able to appear at some of them in order to give a panel, screen some of our episodes and raise awareness for our little show.

And finally we’ve got some pre-production artwork and sneak peeks at series 2 for you to see.

SPIDERS Logo – designed by Stuart Manning

SPIDERS OPERATIVE BADGE – designed by Scott Harwood


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