Cops and Monsters Series 2 – How We Fund The Series

With series 1 completed and now available on Amazon Prime we’re focussing on producing a brand new series, which we hope to shoot this year.

From January 30th we ran a Series 2 Pre-Production Kickstarter campaign in order to pay for our 6 writers to pen 6 x 20 minute new episodes. This Kickstarter also covered to pay for the new concept banner you see above, and our brand new opening titles by Shervin Shirazian:

From mid-March we are going to run a SERIES 2 EPISODE FUND Kickstarter campaign, which will initially be set at £5,000. We’ll run the campaign for around 60 days and in this time we hope to hit the goal. If we do, we can produce the first new episode of series 2.

All the information so far on series 2 can be found at this link however we can tell you that Debbie Moon, the creator and writer of “Wolfblood“, will be penning the first episode, currently titled “Remembrance”. Joining Debbie on writing duties is Philip Lawrence (Big Finish), Simon Underwood (Wolfblood series 5), Laura Anne Anderson (“OOglies“), James T Harding (“Cupid of the Clyde“) and Fraser Coull (Cops and Monsters showrunner).

Our plan is to shoot over 18 days in the Autumn, filming 6 x 20 minute episodes in and around the Glasgow area. We will have some returning cast with a mixture of new faces and we hope to cast some more brilliant guest stars, continuing with the calibre of guest stars from series 1.

We need around £30,000 to produce these 6 episodes and that money will pay for our cast, crew, props, equipment, locations, costumes, special effects makeup, visual effects, music, sound, editing… and most importantly food for the team. In an ideal world we will be able to fund the entire new series on our next Kickstarter campaign, but if not we’ll continue looking at alternative funding sources to raise the money required.

Prophecy Girl have joined us as our first official sponsors of series 2 – in return for their monetary sponsorship we’ll be featuring their clothes throughout the series and they’ll be credited on the first episode of series 2. We will continue to seek sponsorship from businesses around the world and if you’re interested in doing so, please click here.

We’ll also keep our Virtual Tip Jar open throughout so if you’d like to contribute to the show without perks or reward, you can do so at this link.

We’ve also set up a Patreon page for Cops and Monsters as a way of reaching a larger audience, and you can become a Patreon of the show at this link. We’ll be posting exclusive interviews, behind the scenes videos, pre-production photos and more to our backers on our next Kickstarter campaign and for our Patreons.

And that’s all of the news for series 2. We hope that you’ll join us and support what we’re trying to achieve.

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