Prophecy Girl Sponsorship


YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND – 4 FEB 2018: Prophecy Girl is pleased to announce their sponsorship of

“Cops and Monsters” web series.

As the first official sponsor for series two “Cops and Monsters: Uprising”, Prophecy Girl will also be providing the production team with garments for characters to wear on screen in upcoming episodes. Cops and Monsters is an ideal partner for the Prophecy Girl brand whose geeky womenswear designs are inspired by a love of sci-fi and supernatural shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Prophecy Girl founder and designer Kirsty Hannam says:

“I am absolutely thrilled to help Cops and Monsters reach their funding goal and get the second season into production. It’s so exciting to see a supernatural series set and produced here in Britain and we can’t wait to see what the creative team has in store for fans in series two.”

The first series of Cops and Monsters is available to watch now on Amazon Prime, featuring performances from Doctor Who alumni Sophie Aldred, Caitlin Blackwood, and Sarah Louise Madison.

About Prophecy Girl

Prophecy Girl is a British geeky clothing brand for women who want to indulge their love of science fiction, fantasy, and fashion. Launched in 2016, Prophecy Girl is the brainchild of Kirsty Hannam, a graphic designer with a life-long passion for sci-fi and pop culture. Our motto is “wear your geek side with pride!”.

In return for their funding support, we will be featuring their garments in an upcoming episode of series 2!

Be sure to visit their website for more information!

We’ll be contacting more businesses to seek sponsorship to raise at least £30,000 to shoot our new 6 x 20 minute episodes. If you’d like to find out more about how to get involved, please click this link.

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