Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018 to all of our brilliant followers, supporters and friends!

As the world returns to work, we’ll very shortly be sending out the remaining Kickstarter perks, while gearing up for pre-production for Cops and Monsters series 2.

We’ll be commissioning our visual effects artist Shervin Shirazian to update our series titles to reflect the upcoming series and we hope to be bringing you an updated version of the theme tune too! We’re also commissioning graphic artists to create a new concept banner and poster for the new series to help give backers and sponsors a feel for what we’re going to try to achieve!

Cops and Monsters series 2 will consist of 6 x 20 minute episodes, which we hope to shoot at some point this year. To achieve this we are going to launch a mini pre-production Kickstarter campaign for £1,500 in order to hire 6 writers to pen the episodes, to have our new opening and closing titles created and our concept artwork too.

If we are successful with this goal, once our scripts are written we will be seeking sponsorship from businesses around the world to contribute to our estimated budget of £30,000 to shoot our new series (series 1 cost £15,000 but our episodes were shorter and we had less time to shoot them). In return for their sponsorship they’ll be featured on our new Sponsorship page on this website, as well as a banner and a link to their website, a credit on IMDb, and their business name featured on an episode of Cops and Monsters, which will be streamed on Amazon Prime UK and US.

As time goes on we’ll be able to announce our 6 writers – all of which have professional TV writing experience – and the title for our second series. All 8 episodes of series 1 are currently available on Amazon Prime and you can watch it here.

For any more information please visit our SERIES 2 FAQ page here.

Cops and Monsters is able to exist because of our fans – because of the people who watch it, share the episodes, review it, donate to us, sponsor us, pledge money in return for perks and who spread the word. Without you, we’d have no show. So thank you so very much from all of us here on the team.

We hope to see you very soon for our brand new series!

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