Cops and Monsters – Series 2 – What’s Next?

With Cops and Monsters series 1 now on Amazon Prime we are looking ahead at what happens next.

Series 1 was produced for around £15,000, which we raised via several crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. While these were effective and it allowed us to produce 8 episodes, paying our cast and crew, visual effects, sound design, music, editing, locations, props and costumes, it meant that we had to take a more staggered approach to making the show.

In order to shoot an episode we had to run a campaign for that particular episode, as in the past we had tried to raise the full amount for the series, only to fall short of our target. Crowdfunding, while a very competent way to raise our budget, is also a very time restraining exercise, and as our team are working with us on a part-time/episode-by-episode basis, we sometimes struggle to get the word out there to help us raise the money to hit our goals.

This December we will be interviewing the short listed selected writers, of which around 340 people had sent in their spec scripts for consideration to join the writing staff for series 2. We had a total of 2 readers to go through them all, in their own spare time, and eventually short listed the successful writers.

It is our intention to shoot a brand new series, with 6 x 20 minute episodes, sometime in 2018, and at this stage we would release them all on Amazon Prime, and only once they were all edited and ready to go.

At this stage we plan to run a short crowdfunding campaign at the start of 2018 in order to pay the selected writers to pen our 6 episodes, which we will then (hopefully) use to attract backers, investors and sponsors, in order to raise our projected budget and shoot all 6 episodes in a block later in the year. For series 1 we could only shoot the episodes once we had raised the money for that particular episode, hence taking from 2015 to 2017 to complete the 8 episodes.

Beyond that we have no further details. We will be looking into grants and local funding to see if there’s a way to get support from the local government to help us make series 2, but we suspect we’ll need to do it by ourselves again.

If we have any more news, we will share it on our social media pages and of course, on our official website.

In the meantime you can watch all 8 episodes of series 1 on Amazon Prime UK and US!

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