Cops and Monsters – 2017 Review

2017 was a fantastic year for Cops and Monsters. We shot 2 new episodes, bringing our total up to 9, and completed series 1. We were nominated in the “Best Web Series” selection for the Web Fest New York and we were selected to be streamed on Amazon Prime UK and Amazon Prime US.

First up was “Trapped”, a minisode starring Katrina Bryan (Nina and the Neurons), Joanna Littlefield and Victoria Gibson. Set during a werewolf meeting, a dangerous werewolf assassin, known as The Hunter, tracks down Jenny, in order to exact revenge for a past misdeed. Forcing PITS agent Astrid Bennett to step in to save them both. We rehearsed the fight scene, which was the crux of the episode, the day before, and shot the entire episode in 1 day.

Then we finished off the series by crowdfunding for the finale, “Inhuman Nature”, raising over £3300 in order to shoot over 3 days, hire guest stars James Mackenzie (Raven), Wendy Wason (Sherlock) and Leona Vaughan (Wolfblood, Stella) to fill out the cast.

Having the extra day to film the script allowed the cast to be more creative and allowed us to relax a little bit too, easing the atmosphere on set to be more enjoyable. There was a real sense of “last day of school” for definite.

To celebrate, we filled out a screening at the Grosvenor Cinema in Glasgow’s west end with cast, crew and members of the public, screening all 8 episodes for the first time.

And to top off the year, we struck a deal with MY Productions to have series 1 stream exclusively on Amazon Prime UK and US, where so far we’ve had over 13 reviews, sitting at 4.5 stars out of 5.

And now we look to 2018. We had over 350 writers submit their spec scripts to us when we put up a call looking for people to join the writing team for series 2, which we shortlisted to just 9, who we will be interviewing in December. More profile actors from the UK have contacted us and expressed their interest to work with us on the show, so we can only hope that it comes to fruition.

We’d like to thank you all for being a part of Cops and Monsters, since we started back in 2014 with our pilot episode! We hope you’ll stick with us as we start to pre-production on series 2 next year.


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