Production Photos – 3 Weeks Left On Our Crowdfunding Campaign

We’ve added new photos from last weekend’s shoot from our upcoming episode, “Trapped”, starring Katrina Bryan, Victoria Gibson and Joanna Harte.

The episode has been edited and is currently sitting at 10 minutes and 25 seconds. Now visual effects, sound design and music are to be added and we hope to release it later on in the year.

Three weeks remain for us to raise a total of £3300 in order to produce our 9th and series finale, “Inhuman Nature”. So far we’ve raised £1102, meaning we’ve got £2198 to raise in 21 days. In order to raise this amount we’ve added associate producer perks which will get you a credit on our IMDb page, the full series on DVD and a signed script. This costs £100 each and we have 5 left. There’s also the Executive Producer perk which gives you the same plus a set of signed cast photos for £300. We have 10 of these available.

Of course we’ve got other perks ranging from £1 to £1000 including – set visits, walk on roles, be a monster, mug shot perks, signed photos, scripts, series DVDs, series blu-rays, signed props, posters, t-shirts and much much more. Click this link to head to our Kickstarter to find out more.

Hopefully we will hit our goal in time and in May we can shoot our final episode over 3 days and finish the story!

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