Working with the SAE – An Interview with the SAE Students

Since shooting episode 4, “Revolution in a Teacup”, we have opened our doors to the students of SAE Glasgow, welcoming the students who are studying film, sound, makeup, etc, on to our sets.

For “Trapped”, our 8th episode to be shot, we have Spencer Wilson working as a shadow producer for Lindsay Dowell, Alyn Smith working with our on set photographer Sonja Bleitshchau, Christopher Wild working with our AD Alan Dakers as our 2nd Assistant Director, Miles Trotter as our on set runner and Stuart Abercrombie working with our sound recordist Robert Newth as his assistant and also as a sound recordist for the first half of the day.

Zarah Hill kindly filmed Christopher and Alyn, interviewing them on set of our new episode.

The students were absolutely fantastic to work with – extremely on the ball and resourceful, happy to get their hands dirty and get involved with the shoot.

Thank you to Joanne Ebuwa at the SAE for introducing us to the students.

For more information on the courses they provide please visit

If we are successful in our crowdfunding campaign for our series finale, we’d love to invite more film students to join our set and shadow the team. To find out how to help us make the next episode, click here. The campaign will be running until April 30th where if we have raised £3300 we will be able to make our finale.

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