Series 1 Finale Kickstarter Has Launched – Crowdfunded Web Series

We have officially launched the Kickstarter campaign for our series 1 finale, “Inhuman Nature”.

The episode will see the story that started in “The New Recruit” come to a head as Maya Hedges confronts The Cult of Many Faces and his personal werewolf assassin, Alexis.

We’ve got set visits, walk-on-roles, voice-over perks, signed DVDs, blu-rays, posters, signed scripts, artwork, soundtracks, mugshot perks and more! You can claim your perk now by clicking this link.

The campaign will run until April 30th where we will only be successful if we raise the £3300 we’ve set as our goal. No money will be taken from your account until this date. All perks are shipped worldwide for free.

All of our main cast are due to reprise their roles for the final episode and we’re currently casting for the role of Neil and Lucy Hedges, Maya’s parents.

Rachel Teate and Leona Kate Vaughan from Wolfblood are returning as troubled couple Grace Mackenzie and Alicia Hughes.

Episode 6, “Fight the Bite”, will be released shortly and hopefully, if we hit our crowdfunding target, we’ll shoot the final episode over 3 days at the end of May.

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