The Series 1 Finale – What Happens Next

It’s taken us a couple of years, with a lot of planning in place, and here we are, the home stretch. We’ve started planning the production for our series 1 finale, “InHuman Nature”!

Officially our 9th episode since 2014, “InHuman Nature”, will bring to an end our first series as Maya Hedges will find the truth about her parents and why they were murdered, along with confronting The Cult of Many Faces and his killer werewolf assassin, Alexis.

The script is currently being written and the production team have made the decision to shoot the episode over the course of three days, to allow us to work in a timely manner with our cast and crew to ensure we can deliver the best episode possible. This does however mean that our budget will be a little bit higher than previous episodes, to make sure we can afford to pay our cast and crew, pay for costumes and props, special effects makeup, editing, sound design, music compositions and visual effects.

On March 31st we will be launching our Kickstarter campaign to raise at least £3300 to cover the three day shoot and all costs incurred. All the usual perks will be made available, with some extras, and we will pushing hard on social media to give us the best chance to hit the goal by April 30th otherwise we will not be able to make the episode happen.

In the meantime you can watch all of our finished episodes by clicking this link along with behind the scenes interviews and more.

Episode 7, “Fight the Bite”, will be released in April and episode 8, “Trapped”, will be released sometime after that.

If you’d like to get involved in helping us fund our final episode please e-mail us at

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