Cops and Monsters Volume 2 – Casting and Crew Information


With 6 episodes currently released, and our 7th in post-production, we have been receiving quite a few messages about Volume 2, and in particular, when are we going to be casting for it.

At the moment we still have 2 more episodes for Volume 1 to crowdfund, shoot and release. The first of which will be funded (we hope!) between February 6th and March 6th and will then be shot on the 22nd of April. We hope to crowdfund the final episode of Volume 1 between April and May, shooting the final episode in May.

Our Volume 2 plans aren’t concrete and we are in prep to hold story-lining sessions with established TV writers and plan what the second volume will consist of. From there we will figure out the budget for each episode, who the characters are going to be and then try to raise the money. Only then can we start casting for the new episodes.

So at the very earliest you’ll hear about casting opportunities will be this Summer. If this changes we’ll post about it here, on our Twitter page and Facebook page.

This is very much the case for writers on the show too. Until we have the opportunity to story-line, plan how many episodes there are going to be and when we might shoot them, we can’t commit to any new writers. However if you’d like to submit an original spec script (i.e not a Cops and Monsters-related script) for consideration please contact us at this address.

A second Volume will not be possible if we don’t complete Volume 1 and if we don’t raise enough money to do so. If you want to help make this happen then be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and share it with everybody you can and come February 6th check out our crowdfunding campaign and let everybody know about that too.

Thank you to everybody for their kind, brilliant support so far. We honestly wouldn’t have a show without you.

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