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It won’t be long now until we release episode 5 of our web-series, in fact we plan to show “Revolution in a Teacup” to the world by the end of November!

Continuing the story that we started with “The New Recruit”, Maya Hedges searches for her kidnapped colleague, leading her to question vampire leader Lady Audrey MacDairmid, with goody-two-shoes Grace Mackenzie on her tail to stop her from doing anything stupid.

Meanwhile The Cult of Many Faces ups his game of terror against the members of the Paranormal Investigation Team, releasing his killer werewolf out into the world to strike again…

Starring Ellen Patterson, Simon Weir, Billy Kirkwood, Kenny Boyle and Innes Anderson with guest stars Sophie Aldred, Mhairi Calvey, James Payton and Rachel Teate. Written by James T Harding.

Be sure to catch up on the full story at our official YouTube page and don’t forget to click “Subscribe”!

Episode 5 will be released to all of our backers first before being uploaded to our YouTube channel.


Episode 6 is about to enter post-production, with Anne Nicholson beginning the edit soon. Written by Laura Anderson, “Fight the Bite” will continue immediately on from episode 6 and bring Volume 1 closer to it’s conclusion…

Guest stars include Katrina Bryan, Leona Vaughan, Rachel Teate, Tam Toye, Matt Robertson and Chris Bain.

We aim to release this episode to the public early in 2017. However we will be producing our Christmas episode, “Astrid’s Secret”, written by Roland Moore, filming it on the 26th of November this year. It will be released sometime in December.

Finally we will be producing the 7th episode of volume 1 in Spring 2017, bringing the case of Lycan A202 to a dramatic and devastating close.

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