Introducing Wanda Opalinska – Christmas Special Casting


With a month to go until we shoot our Christmas episode, “Astrid’s Secret”, by Roland Moore, we can now officially announce actress Wanda Opalinska, who will be playing the titular Astrid in the episode.

Wanda recent TV work includes: Silent Witness, Home Fires, Raised by Wolves. Other TV work includes: Peaky Blinders, The Vote and The Trials of Jimmy Rose.

She can currently be seen in the film ‘A Monster Calls’ and is a series regular in the Welsh language drama ‘Parch’.

As for why she’d like to play Astrid:

“I’ve not done a lot of Sci-Fi (aside from playing Justine in Faction Paradox, where I thoroughly enjoyed battling Sutekh), so this is a lovely opportunity to immerse myself in another world.

And who wouldn’t want to be in a series titled ‘Cops and Monsters’?”

We’re currently £498 away from being able to make the Christmas episode happen on our Indieigogo Campaign so if you’d like to help us you can check it out by clicking here.

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