The Latest News


So what’s the latest news with Cops and Monsters?

Our editor Anne Nicholson is working hard on locking the picture for episode 5, “Revolution in a Teacup”. Once this is achieved, it’ll be sent off for visual effects, music and sound design. We’ll then release a private link to all of our episode 5 backers and prepare the DVDs of episodes 1-5 to send out to those who purchased the perk in our crowdfunding campaign.

Episode 6, “Fight the Bite”, will then be edited and the same procedure will be followed.

Episodes 5 and 6 will be released to the public in due course. “Revolution in a Teacup” will likely be released near the end of October, and we will release episode 6 publicly in early 2017 to keep you going until we can shoot the final episode of volume 1 in Spring.

All perks from our two recent crowdfunding campaigns that are finished/ready are being packed up and we’ll start posting them out early next week.

This weekend we’ll be at MCM Scotland to promote the series and our Q & A Panel will be on Saturday at 1pm in the Vidfest section.

We’re featured in this month’s issue of “Doctor Who Magazine” in the “Beyond the TARDIS” section as Sophie Aldred stars in episode 5 as vampire leader, Lady Audrey MacDairmid.


As you can see from the image above we’re hoping to shoot our Christmas episode this November if we can raise £1050 to do so. It’ll star Simon Weir as PITS Commander Norris Fletcher and a yet-to-be cast actress as PITS agent Astrid Bennett.

And that’s all of our news!

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