Episode 6 – “Fight the Bite” Is Wrapped!


That’s a wrap on episode 6!

“Fight the Bite” by Laura Anderson took two days to film with our cast and crew. It was certainly an ambitious episode, with 25 pages shot over the two days. A massive congratulations to the team.

We faced a few issues such as time restraints and location issues but this is part and parcel with any production, yet seems magnified when you’re an indie project with a low budget.

The team worked extremely hard to overcome these problems and we’ve got all the footage in the can!

So what’s next for “Cops and Monsters”?

We’ll be at MCM Comic Con Scotland on the 24th and 25th of September, with our cast and crew panel on the Saturday, selling some merchandise and promoting the series.

Episode 5, “Revolution in a Teacup”, is currently being edited and we hope to release in October.

We’re hoping to raise some more money so we can shoot our Christmas episode, “Astrid’s Secret” by Roland Moore.

Next year we’ll aim to shoot a couple more minisodes to expand our show’s universe before returning to Volume 1 in May to shoot our 7th main episode, bringing to a close Volume 1 and the PITS’ case against Lycan A202 and The Cult of Many Faces… for now.

To everybody who has supported us, we thank you. We wouldn’t have this show without you.

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