Episode 6 Crowdfunding Successful – Filming Starts On Saturday



Thank you to our amazing 63 backers who helped bring episode 6, “Fight the Bite” by Laura Anderson, to life! With your help, this wouldn’t have been possible!

On Saturday (3rd of September) we will be with principle cast members Innes Anderson (Alexis) and Ellen Patterson (Maya Hedges) to film scenes from episode 6 at the Orkney Street Enterprise Centre in Glasgow. They have a fantastic prison location and have kindly allowed us to film key scenes here this weekend!

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.31.42

Then we shall be heading to the Hub at Pacific Drive to film the opening and closing scenes of episode 6. We will be joined by Katrina Bryan who is playing Jenny, Tam Toye who is playing a struggling vampire addict called Paul, and Matt Robertson who is playing Hands.


Next Saturday we will be filming the rest of the episode with Kenny Boyle, Billy Kirkwood, and Simon Weir joining Ellen and Innes for the remainder of episode 6.


We’re lucky to have Rachel Teate returning as PITS officer Grace Mackenzie for episode 6 and she will be joined by her Wolfblood co-star, Leona Vaughan, who is playing a vampire press specialist, Alicia Hughes.

It’s going to be two days on jam-packed filming and then we will send it off to be edited along with episode 5, “Revolution in a Teacup”, which is currently in post-production. We hope to release this episode in the beginning of October, sending out all perks associated with by then.

Leona Kate Vaughan

We expect “Fight the Bite” to be released in November and all going well we can release a Christmas special in mid-December. Watch episodes 1-3 now, including our pilot episode now below!

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