Cops and Monsters: All The Episodes So Far!


Episode 3, “In Crimson” is currently sitting at nearly 350 views since we launched it on Monday morning so a big thanks to everybody who has watched it and shared so far! If you’ve not watched it yet, you can catch up on our series below:

We are now in pre-production with our next episode, “Revolution in a Teacup”, written by James T Harding. Following on from the events of the previous episode, Maya Hedges is on a rampage, searching for her friend before The Cult of Many Faces unleashes his horrific forces. PITS Commander Norris Fletcher recruits Grace Mackenzie to hold down the fort to prevent a PR nightmare as tearaway werewolf Alexis is forcefully reunited with her vampire twin sister Zoe. Meanwhile Lady Sheena MacDiarmid, the Queen of the Vampires, steps in to put a stop to The Cult’s plans…

Sophie Aldred (Doctor Who), Simon Weir (Waterloo Road), Rachel Teate (Wolfblood) and Mhairi Calvey (Braveheart) join our cast for our new episode and you can help us make it happen by heading over to our Revolution in a Teacup Kickstarter Page and grabbing a perk and spreading the word!

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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