Writer’s Biography – James T Harding – Revolution in a Teacup

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 10.39.52

Our script editor James T Harding was earlier announced as the writer of our next episode, “Revolution in a Teacup”, which we will be crowdfunding to produce in May, aiming to shoot over 2 days in July.

James T Harding is a writer based in Edinburgh, UK. His previous writing credits include two episodes of Cupid of the Clyde (Subcity Radio, 2014), ‘The Secret’ (short film, 2012) and six episodes of Staircase 22 (Cherwell, 2011). He has an MA in Television Writing from Glasgow Caledonian University. As well as writing Episode 5 ‘Revolution in a Tea Cup’ for Cops and Monsters, he is currently developing a co-written TV series with the BBC Writersroom.
James’s non-writing career spans editorships of Broadway Baby and Stewed Rhubarb Press as well as social media for Touchpaper Television, the production company behind Being Human.
“If even a quarter of the excitement I’m feeling about Episode 5 makes it onscreen, it’ll probably be responsible for multiple coronary arrests,” said James. “The cast and crew are such a fantastic bunch, it’s a real treat to write for them. l feel like they could pull anything off. The producers said I’m allowed to feature a talking severed head… perhaps I’ve just gone power mad.”
“On a more serious note, now is not the best time to be emerging screen talent in Scotland – for actors, writers, and crew alike. Webseries like Cops and Monsters are providing fantastic opportunities for Scottish talent with an international outlook. The support the show has received from the public who donate to our crowdfunding campaigns is mind-blowing. I’m so grateful to everyone who helps make Cops and Monsters happen – we’re gonna blow your socks off!”

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