In Crimson Opening Titles


Our latest episode, “In Crimson”, is currently in post-production and we hope to make it available in May online to watch!

In the meantime we’d like to whet your appetite with the opening titles of the episode by Gareth Knight! You can watch them below:

We are currently in pre-production of the next instalment, “Revolution in a Teacup”, which will see Sophie Aldred, Rachel Teate and Mhairi Calvey guest star alongside our series regulars. Crowdfunding will begin once we launch our latest episode throughout May and June, shooting this July in Glasgow.

Volume 1 comprises of “The New Recruit“, “In Crimson“, “Revolution in a Teacup” and two more, currently untitled episodes. “Preparing the Weapon” acts as a prequel to The New Recruit.

We’ve had a bit of an episode re-shuffle! Here is the viewing order of Cops and Monsters:

Episode 0 – Original Pilot
Episode 1 – The New Recruit
Episode 2 – Preparing The Weapon
Episode 3 – In Crimson (Coming Soon!)
Episode 4 – Revolution in a Teacup (In Pre-Production)
Episode 5 – TBC
Episode 6 – TBC
Episode 7 – Astrid’s Secret (Spin-off episode by Roland Moore)
Episode 8 – TBC (Spin-off episode by Hannah George)

We hope to shoot our remaining episodes within the next 12 months, and will be seeking to do this via crowdfunding.

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