Episode 4 is funded!

Billy and Colin Enjoying'Fun Time' at the 'Cops and Monsters' Filming in Glasgow - 19 January 2014

As of 8.12am this morning episode 4 is officially funded!

Thank you to everybody who pledged to our campaign, shared the link and generally supported our show.

Cops and Monsters is a completely independent series with no official funding from governing bodies, so we rely solely on support from the generosity of the people who are willing to donate and pledge their money to us.

Episode 4 will be shot on the 19th and 26th of March in Glasgow before being handed over to our editor Anne Nicholson who will then edit the footage together, colour it, grade it and send it off to Neil Rowe who will create the visual effects and Robert Newth will create the sound effects and score the episode.

We hope to release episode 4 by the end of April. We hope to squeeze some money from our latest campaign to shoot episode 5, however the script has not been finished so we won’t know what we need until a little later. Realistically we may need to run a post-production crowdfunding campaign to finish it, but we’ll worry about that later.

Our producer Claire Mcguire will now work on the schedule for episode 4, sorting out props, costumes, makeup, filming locations etc. We’ll post update photos/videos, and any comic con appearances we manage to arrange.

Thank you!

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