Episode 4 Crowdfunding Now Live!

Billy and Colin Enjoying'Fun Time' at the 'Cops and Monsters' Filming in Glasgow - 19 January 2014

We have officially launched our crowdfunding campaign to shoot episode 4 today!

Over the next 30 days we will be campaigning on social media and beyond to raise the £830 required to produce our next episode. The money raised will pay for equipment, props, special effects makeup, visual effects designs, sound design, music to be composed, costumes to be bought and most importantly it will allow us to pay our cast and crew for the 2 day shoot.

By heading over to our campaign on Kickstarter by clicking HERE you can read all about our cast, the synopsis of episode 4 and the many perks you can claim in return for your support. These include signed scripts, props, set visits, posters and more.

Two exclusive mini-episodes written by Hannah George (Wolfblood) and Roland Moore (Land Girls) are also available as exclusive perks and will only be made available as a private link to our backers and for those who buy our episodes 1-4 DVD.

Our campaign ends on the 28th of February so please do spread the word and if possible, donate to our episode.

At 9pm this evening we’ll be announcing our VERY special guest star too.

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