Casting Announcement 29th January

Filming a promotional 'Cops and Monsters' video in Glasgow - 24 May 2015

We’ve secured a very talented actress to play the part of Tina Hedges in episode 4. Fans of the sci-fi genre will recognise her but we’re going to announce the casting on the 29th of January when our Episode 4 kickstarter campaign goes live.

So once we’ve cleared the deck, and our guest star gets out of her pyjamas to come to set in March, we’ll release some teasing clues to keep you guessing until then…

“In Crimson”, by Ian Smith, is the 4th episode so far, and kickstarts a 4-part story as PITS newcomers Maya and Martin struggle to work together in their investigation of a streak of werewolf-related murders. Meanwhile Alexis, aka Lycan A202, last seen accidentally murdering her protector, goes on the run as she fights to discover if she is more beast than woman, just as The Cult of Many Faces starts his campaign of terror against the PITS team.

Shooting will take place on the 19th and 26th of March before entering post-production and released on-line as soon as possible.

IMG_8743_web_bw 7X1A3284 Kenneth Boyle_8x10_colour-4 billy kirkwood

Ellen Patterson, Kenny Boyle, Billy Kirkwood and Chris Bain return with more casting to be announced over the coming weeks.

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