Casting Announcement – Ellen Patterson Returns

ellen patterson

Ellen Patterson returns to Cops and Monsters to reprise her role of new PITS leader, Maya Hedges.

Here’s what Ellen had to say about her career so far and returning to our show –

Having spent the past five years largely only working in Ireland, England and abroad, I am loving the opportunity to be back on home soil as part of Cops and Monsters. Originally from Edinburgh, I moved elsewhere to study and then became involved in diverse work from clowning to musical film but had not had the chance to explore the world of web series’ until now. It’s been a fantastic ride so far; from being put through my paces in the PITS’ physical test to shooting zombies, there’s never a dull moment. Maya Hedges was only at the beginning of her journey in episode 3 as ‘the new recruit’ and I am really looking forward to the next chapter unfolding as we move forward in time in episode 4. She certainly has determination and a lot she wants to prove so I have no doubt there’s a great deal of excitement in store for her yet!

Filming will take place on the 19th and 26th of March this year and we will be launching our kickstarter to make the episode happen on the 29th of March.

We’ll be releasing more cast information in the coming weeks.

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