Pre-Production Begins on Episode 4…

Martin Carmichael and Maya Hedges - characters in 'Cops and Monsters' in Glasgow Flat Location - 18 July 2015

 It’s 2016 and we’re gearing up to make MORE episodes of Cops and Monsters!

“In Crimson” written by Ian Smith, kicks off our four part story which sees PITS members Maya Hedges and Martin Carmichael called out to investigate the murder of a young woman in her bed. When all signs point to another rogue werewolf attack, Maya finds herself unsettled due to her troubling past, leading to a bust-up with Martin. Seeking solace with her close friend, Maya heads off to clear her head leaving Martin to look into the re-appearance of Alexis, a dangerous werewolf on the run from the PITS team. 

We are planning to shoot in Glasgow this March and over the coming weeks we will be announcing our cast, including special guests, releasing pre-production stills, filming update vlogs, as well as letting you know the many different ways that YOU can be involved with the show.

In the meantime be sure to catch up on episodes one, two and three and all of our bonus videos in our video page!

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