Episode 3 is coming soon…

episode 3 vfx 2

Our visual effects artist Neil Rowe is finalising the visual effects for episode 3, with sound designer and composer Robert Newth completing the music for the piece before finalising the sound work. Then our editor Anne Nicholson will put it all together and we will be able to release “The New Recruit” online.

Set as a mini-prequel to our full series, “The New Recruit” sees PITS captain Norris Fletcher (River City and Waterloo Road star Simon Weir) without a leader when Eve Mitchell is forced to take emergency leave and fly back to Texas. After a gruelling interview process he finds police officer Maya Hedges (Ellen Patterson) a suitable candidate, but what did her boyfriend Martin (Kenny Boyle) hack from her file, and is she ready for the final exam with Minister of Justice Clark (Chris Bain)?

“The New Recruit” will lead into our four planned episodes, “In Crimson”, “Replaced”, “The Fall of Innocence” and “Human”  which we plan to shoot later this year and into 2016.

Episode 1, “The Weapon” and it’s prequel, Episode 2, “Preparing the Weapon” can be watched here.

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